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Chapter III - The Temple of Ancients

"What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them."
- Bastila Shan

Why are you stopping?” Keeper Orsaa asked, looking behind him, noticing that Sera had stopped, panting for breath.

“Statement: Yes master, why, we’re near the Temple of Ancients,” HK continued.

Sera rubbed her head, feeling a headache.

“Nothing,” Sera told them both, “A precognition in the Force. Nothing more.”

Nobody said anything else and soon Sera, HK, T3 and Keeper Orsaa arrived at the Temple of Ancients and clan Ordo’s new base. Despite it being an old temple, Sera admired its appearance. It’s walls were pearly white, with a shade of grey. But inside, Sera knew there was a dark force in there. Canderous approached Sera and bowed to her. Sera bowed back.

“I’m sorry I’m late Canderous,” Sera told him, “I got a little… sidetracked.”

“No need to worry,” Canderous assured her, “Our new base has nearly been completed,” He continued, admiring his base as he spoke, “Who is this?”

My name is Keeper Orsaa, Mandalorian,” Keeper Orsaa told Canderous, “I’m here to help Sera enter the Temple of Ancients.”

Canderous sighed under his breath, muttering, “Great, first Revan and after he has left, now her.”

Sera didn’t hear what Canderous had said and Keeper Orsaa sat on the grassy floor, opposite the entrance of the Temple of Ancients. Sera noticed that there was a force field in front of the temple entrance. By the looks of it, Sera was glad that Keeper Orsaa was here. Only the Rakatans knew how to open the temple. Keeper Orsaa began speaking several words and while Sera was waiting, HK spoke his opinion.

“Observation: It looks like someone doesn’t want any meatbags or the master to enter this temple,” HK told T3.

T3 beeped his opinion.

“Statement: Your quite right my short friend,” HK told T3, “I don’t know why a meatbag such as the master wants to enter this temple.”

Keeper Orsaa stood up.

The temple has been opened,” He told Sera, “You may go in. In the past, only one person can enter the temple, but when Revan came here, two people escorted him. Perhaps we can also make this an exception and let you take your two Droids.”

“No, I’ll be fine thanks,” Sera told Keeper Orsaa, “Thanks for your help.”
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