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Chapter IV - The Lord of Pain

"Yes… of pain he has learned much. Of knowledge, of teaching, he knows nothing."
- Kreia

A Sith Lord, who had survived the events of Malachor V, meditated alone on top of the Temple of Ancients. His good eye was closed, blocking his view from the temple, but his white eye remained open, due to his incapability of the eye. He could feel his power flowing through his disfigured appearance, the signals of his pain, which increased his ever-growing power and his hatred towards the Jedi and his second master, also increased his power. Through every crack, wound and scar, his blood boiled, causing him to think about the one woman he had been trying to stop, since her arrival on Peragus. The Jedi Exile. Yet despite his hatred for her, he never knew her true name. His thoughts drifted away from his unstoppable power, onto the thoughts of his past.


He remembered the endless days of when his disappointed master kept her watchful eyes on him. Despite every chance he had tried to please his master, she always told him that nobody could please her more than Revan. Revan. He loathed that name. Because of Revan, he knew that his master wouldn’t think about him. If he ever met Revan, he knew that he would kill him and all that were either loyal to him or those who loved him. His master would be extremely upset, when he brought Revan’s body to her. He loathed both his master and Revan.


Once more, his thoughts drifted to the day when both him and another Sith Lord attacked their master. She sat, meditating in the Trayus Core, inside the Trayus Academy, unaware that both of her only apprentices were there to cast her out of the Sith Order. Both of them walked up to her and their master had sensed their presence. She immediately stood up, confused at why they both standing in front of her. None of them said nothing and the other Sith Lord used the Force to push their master into a nearby pillar. She crumpled to the floor, unable to use the Force to pull her Lightsaber towards her. The Sith Lord walked up to her and grabbed her face. He pulled her up towards his face and pushed her into the wall. He then punched her in the stomach several times and let her fall flat on her face. She was cast down, stripped of her power. Exiled. She suffered indignities. And was cast into the darkness.


He stood up, sensing a disturbance in the Force. She was here. The Jedi Exile was here. He smiled, as he put his robe on, to hide his appearance and announced.

“She is here.”
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