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Chapter VI - Return

"An infinite mystery is the Force. Much to learn, there still is."
- Yoda

In the port dormitory of the Ebon Hawk, Sera lay in bed, wide awake, unable to get to sleep. She could hear T3 doing his continued checkups of the Ebon Hawk and she could hear HK polishing his blaster rifle, making the occasional statement about meatbags. The gentle hum of the Ebon Hawk’s engines also accompanied the sound of the Droids. Usually, Sera liked to have the occasional noise, but the noise wasn’t helping her sleep this time. She felt as if she knew someone else was on the Ebon Hawk. But who?

“Jedi…” A ghostly voice called out.

Sera immediately sat up in her bed, looking for the thing that had called out to her.

“Jedi…” The ghostly voice called out again, only this time, it was louder.

“Who is it?” Sera asked.

“Jedi…” The ghostly voice called out again, trying to get louder, but her voice was muffled.

“Tell me who you are!” Sera shouted.

There was no reply. Sera started to feel agitated, but decided to get to sleep, thinking that the mysterious voice would be gone.


Darkness surrounded Sera. She could see nothing at all. She couldn’t see any light, hear any sound, indicating no sound of life at all. With the aid of the Force, she could sense something. In the distance, she noticed a blue sphere in the darkness. It was the only source of light and it made a humming sound, similar to a Lightsaber. Sera ran towards the blue sphere, noticing that it wasn’t a sphere at all. It was a blue Lightsaber. The owner of the blue Lightsaber was fighting an opponent with a red Lightsaber. He had an advantage over the owner of the blue Lightsaber, who happened to be that same Twi’lek Jedi Master.

“Hey, leave him alone!” Sera shouted at the hooded black figure, which she could only see through the Force, “Try me if you’ve got the guts.”

The black figure disarmed his current opponent, leaving him weaponless, turning towards Sera. As Sera ignited her Lightsaber, her new opponent also disarmed her.

“Come on then!” Sera shouted, “Kill me then!”

The black figure said nothing as forced his Lightsaber into Sera’s abdomen.


Sera immediately shot upright, her entire body sweating. That was a dream she had never had before. It made her feel fear, an emotion that would lead a Jedi to the dark side.

“Jedi…” The voice called out again.

Sera was not in the mood for hearing strange, muffled voices. She couldn’t cope anymore.

“What!” Sera shouted, “Show yourself!”

“You cannot kill, what you cannot see,” The voice told Sera, as the ghostly form of Sera’s previous master appeared before her, “And power blinded you long ago.”

“Kreia?” Sera asked.

The ghostly form of Kreia nodded.

“Yes, I had hoped as much,” She told Sera, “I’ve been calling out you all night, trying to speak to you, but as always, impatience took over.”

Impatience? Sera thought, since when have I been impatient? You were the one who scolded me for helping people.

“Why are you here?” Sera asked, “You died along with Malachor.”

“Changing the subject are we?” Kreia asked, before answering Sera’s question “Well, I’ve become one with the Force, a powerful technique that the Jedi forgot about.”

“Could you teach me that?” Sera asked.

“Not now,” Kreia told Sera, “You must get your sleep. The Jedi Master you’re searching for was once a Jedi who tried to kill me, during the battle of Tramond XXV, during the Mandalorian Wars. Are you sure you don’t remember him?”

Sera shook her head.

“He is the Jedi Master of the now deceased padawan learner, Quallan,” Kreia told her, “But be aware that Quallan may still be alive. There is always hope exile.”

Kreia disappeared, leaving Sera alone again, listening to the sound of the Ebon Hawk’s engines and the two Droids with their duties. Coruscant was a day away and hopefully, Sera would find the Jedi Master.
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