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Chapter VII - The Undercity

"Coruscant… the entire planet is one big city."
- Ric Olié

Courscant. The last time Sera had been here was when the Jedi Masters exiled her, for joining Revan and Malak, during the Mandalorian Wars. Compared to the last time she was on Coruscant, now it looked like a horrible place to live. In the distance, Sera noticed the ruins of the Jedi Temple. Once the building was a magnificent building, but now it was nothing more than a pile of rubble. Why would a Jedi Master come here? Sera thought as she sat in the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk, there is nothing to gain here. Suddenly, the Ebon Hawk shook wildly.

“What was that?” Sera asked loudly, “T3!”

T3 sped into the cockpit, unable to stop until he hit the co-pilot chair.

“Are you alright T3?” Sera asked.

HK walked into the cockpit.

“Statement: Master, I was about to give the bag of bolts an upgrade, but since this vessel shook wildly, like a drunken meatbag, he doesn’t trust me,” HK told Sera.

“Look I don’t have time to sort your problems, we’ve got problems!” Sera shouted at both Droids, “I think we’re going to crash land.”


“How are we T3?” Sera asked, as T3 sped into the cockpit.

He beeped several times, answering Sera’s question.

“Great…” Sera moaned, “Do you think you’ll be able to fix the ship, by the time I’m finished here?”

T3 beeped several more times.

“Well that’s good news,” Sera told T3, patting his round metal head, “HK will stay with you while, I find a way to the Jedi Temple.”

“Statement: Master, the short bag of bolts can handle himself,” HK complained, “Besides I need some meatbags to kill.”

“And if any meatbags decide to make refuge on this ship, then you can blast them all you want, if they prove a threat,” Sera told HK, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”


Both’haniwo, a Bothan ran through the dark, deserted streets of the undercity. Several of the undercity locals were chasing him. Despite the fact that they were poor, they all owned weapons. In the corner of a dark alley, Both’haniwo found himself trapped. The large group of locals snickered and their crooked smiles, revealed their excitement of chasing him. The leader of the group got out a stun baton and held it at Both’haniwo’s furry neck. He spat at Both’haniwo and pressed the button on his stun baton, making Both’haniwo twitch.

“Hand over all your money!” The leader shouted, “Otherwise you’re dead meat!”

Both’haniwo gulped as he reached into his pockets, to find he had no money.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any money,” Both’haniwo told the locals.

“Well then you’ll die.” The leader told Both’haniwo.


Sera could hear someone threating another person and Sera ignited her Lightsaber. In front of her was a group of local thugs and a Bothan.

“What are you doing?” Sera asked.

The locals turned around to see Sera. Before any of them could shoot her, Sera used the Force to pull the blaster rifles away from them.

“Leave now,” Sera warned them.

The locals immediately ran away, leaving Sera alone with the Bothan.

“Thank you for saving me,” The Bothan told Sera, “I’m Both’haniwo, a Republic medic who serves under Admiral Carth Onasi.”

“Carth Onasi?” Sera asked, “I met him a while ago.”

“Really?” Both’haniwo asked, “But enough of that for now, I was wondering why you were on Coruscant.”

Sera sighed as she cleared her throat, before beginning.

“I’m looking for a Jedi Master,” Sera told Both’haniwo, “I believe his name is Nauk Grelan. I sensed he was on Coruscant. Have you seen him?”

Both’haniwo nodded, wordlessly. He nodded upwards and Sera looked. She could see the ruins of the Jedi Temple from where she was, but it would take a while to get to there.

“Could you take me to the temple?” Sera asked.

“Of course,” Both’haniwo told Sera, “I would gladly help a Jedi out. Follow me.”


An hour had passed and Both’haniwo had led Sera to the ruins of the Jedi Temple. Sera felt guilty for the destruction of the Jedi Temple. This was the place where the Jedi Masters had exiled her, after her return from Malachor V. Now the magnificent silver building was a large pile of rubble. As Kreia had once told her, the once spectacular garden, where the Room of a Thousand Fountains had also been wrecked. Sera always remembered the days where she used to visit the Jedi Temple, after finishing her training. She always sat in the Room of a Thousand Fountains, always finding peace, as she meditated there. Now all Sera could feel was hate and anger that had occurred here.

“Excuse me master Jedi,” Both’haniwo told Sera, “Your Jedi Master is over there.”

Sera noticed the elderly Jedi Master. Nauk Grelan, once one of the proud Jedi Masters she had seen in her dream, had now been reduced to a single Jedi meditating around the fallen Jedi Temple. Sera walked towards the Jedi Master and stood behind him.

“Master Grelan?” Sera asked.
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