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Chapter VIII - Talks of the Past

"Once you embrace the Republic, the power of all Jedi is ready to serve you."
- Ulic Qel-Droma

Sera was expecting a reply from the elderly Jedi Master. But he said nothing and he continued to meditate. It was as if he hadn’t heard her. Sera had no choice, but to try and get the Jedi Master to listen.

“Master Grelan,” Sera said again, this time, her voice firmer than before.

The Jedi Master slowly stood up and turned to see Sera. He nodded to her.

“Now that is a name I haven’t heard in a long time,” He told Sera, “In fact, that isn’t a name I’ve heard since the Jedi Civil War. Since Revan left Republic space,” He paused and paced around, before talking again, “I myself have no idea where Revan has gone, but many believe that he will not return. But he knows that the Republic and the Jedi are safe from the Sith…”

“But they aren’t,” Sera interrupted, “I’ve sensed that the Sith have returned. In a dream, I saw a hooded black figure killing an innocent Jedi. And that Jedi was you.”

Nauk listened to Sera even more, repeating what she had just said, under his breath. He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking. When he opened his eyes again, he talked to Sera.

“The Sith Lord you saw in your dream was once a Jedi who followed both Revan and Malak in the Mandalorian Wars,” Nauk told Sera, “He killed my own apprentice, after he swore his allegiance with to the Republic, the Jedi and democracy. As Ulic Qel-Droma once said, once you embrace the Republic, the power of all Jedi is ready to serve you.”

“You sure do talk a lot, don’t you?” Sera asked.

Nauk pointed his shaking finger at Sera.

“Don’t be cheeky young one,” Nauk warned Sera, “I was once a hero, before the conclusion of the Jedi Civil War. But enough of my stories, why are you here? There is nothing to be gained here.”

Sera ignored Nauk, as she took a look around the ruins of the Jedi Temple. Why had she come here? As Nauk had told her, there was nothing to be gained here. But why was he here? Had a hero become so mad, he had to be near the Jedi Temple? Unanswerable questions ran through Sera’s head, forcing her an answer. But Sera knew that she couldn’t answer. Sera sighed.

“Then why are you here?” Sera asked, trying not to be rude, “Do you miss the Jedi so much that you sit here, meditating in the fallen Jedi Temple?”

Nauk sighed.

“No,” Nauk told Sera, hinting to her that, that was his only answer, “I was one of the Jedi who defended the temple against the Sith. I am the only survivor and I must accept responsibility for all of these who had perished, during the battle. Just like you, when all those deaths of the Mandalorian Wars hung on your shoulders.”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber, afraid of what Nauk would say next.

“How do you know about me?” Sera asked, a tone of anger in your voice.

“Put away your weapon, Jedi Exile,” Nauk commanded Sera, his words hissing when he said Jedi Exile, “I won’t hurt you. And how I know you? A discussion for another time.”

Nauk walked off and sighed.

“Coruscant,” He began, “Once the heart of the Republic and the home of the Jedi. What is it now?”

Sera put her hand on his shoulder, causing Nauk to turn around.

“It will return to its former glory,” Sera told Nauk, “I promise you.”

Nauk smiled and immediately started to lighten up.

“I sense that you were searching for me,” Nauk told Sera, observing her as he spoke, “You dreamt of me and because I was a Jedi, you sought me out and I suspect you’re going to ask me to travel with you.”

“How do you know that?” Sera asked, surprised that he knew about her even more.

“My insights serve me well,” Nauk told Sera, “And that isn’t me bragging either. So, do you have a ship?”

“Yes,” Sera told him, “The Ebon Hawk. It’s in the undercity.”

Nauk smiled even more.

“The Ebon Hawk?” He asked, “That ship is still in one peace. I’ve always wanted to travel on the Ebon Hawk. Come, show me the way.”

Sera walked off, Nauk following her. Both’haniwo had waited for the two Jedi.

“Thanks for your help Both’haniwo,” Sera told him, “You can return to whatever you were doing last.”

“No,” He told Sera, “I will join you in your quest. I heard your discussion and you lack a decent pilot, if you somehow crash landed in the undercity.”

Let me guess, Sera thought, another crew of madmen. Her thoughts of Atton, Mical and Bao-Dur reminded her of Nauk and Both’haniwo.

“What are you waiting for?” Nauk asked excitedly, “We need to get started.”


When the two Jedi and Both’haniwo returned to the Ebon Hawk, Sera was surprised that no one had tried to attack her or her two friends. T3 beeped as Sera, Nauk and Both’haniwo entered the Ebon Hawk. Sera patted the Droid on the head.

“Thanks for fixing the Ebon Hawk T3,” Sera told him, as she entered the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot’s seat.

Opposite her, Both’haniwo sat in the pilot’s seat.

“So my Jedi friends, where are we going?” Both’haniwo asked, “If you don’t say anything, my suggestion will be cruising through space, until he see lines.”

Sera sighed. Just like Atton.

“We’ll go with your suggestion for now Both’haniwo,” Sera told him, “I’m going to see how Nauk is doing.”

Sera left the cockpit and walked off to find Nauk.
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