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Chapter IX - A General’s Escape

“He is too dangerous too dangerous to leave alive.”
- Kreia

In the Onderon prison, inside the most guarded cell, the commander of the Onderon armies, General Vaklu, sat in his cell, still annoyed at the fact he had been in the cell for over a week. He bitterly remembered the day when he was so close to becoming the king of Onderon, during the end of the Onderon Civil War. His cousin, Queen Talia was close to her death, by the hand of Vaklu and his army, but then the two Jedi saved her. After the one Jedi, who Vaklu remembered as the Jedi Exile, both fought and Vaklu immediately lost and he remembered when Talia told her guards to execute him. The Jedi Exile immediately advised Talia not to execute him and after a debate between the two, Talia decided to let her cousin live, deciding that he would be in one of Onderon’s most guarded cells, until the day of his trial. That day was tomorrow. Vaklu knew that Talia would show him no mercy. Once a Republic war hero, who had allied with the Sith wouldn’t receive any forgiveness. Especially from his own cousin.


Dusk had fallen on the city of Iziz. Two hooded figures walked through the deserted streets in Iziz. Anyone who was out in Iziz, nobody noticed the figures walking through the darkness. It was as if they had blended in with their surroundings. One of the figures began to speak, her voice was as loud whisper, making sure not to attract attention to them both.

“Master, where are we going?” The one figure asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” The other figure told the first figure, “Iziz has already suffered a civil war and soon it will suffer another.”

“How did you work that one out?” The first figure pried.

The other figure didn’t reply as he clutched onto his Lightsaber. The building in front of them wasn’t lit, but the two of them knew why. Like them, the building didn’t want to attract attention. And that was how it would remain.


Vaklu sat in his cell, hearing a familiar sound. It was the sound of a Lightsaber. Vaklu noticed the guards outside running towards wherever the sound was coming from. One of the guards immediately spoke.

“Who are you?” Vaklu heard the guard ask, his voice quivering with fear.

“I have come for the general,” A gruff voice replied.

Vaklu heard the sound of the Lightsaber kill all of the guards. Vaklu knew this, because of their screams. The metal door opened and a hooded figure entered Vaklu’s cell.

“Who… Who are you?” Vaklu asked, stuttering as the figure stood in front of him.

The figure didn’t reply as he lifted his hood down. The appearance intimidated Vaklu. His body was scarred and his one good eye blinked as he stared at Vaklu.

“I’m Darth Sion,” He told Vaklu, “One of the surviving Sith from Malachor.”

He ignited his Lightsaber and held it towards Vaklu.

“Sit,” Sion commanded.

Vaklu sat down, unsure of what Sion was going to do to him.

“I’m no longer allying with your kind,” Vaklu told Sion, “You failed me, just as I was about to become the king of Onderon.”

Sion slashed his Lightsaber at the wall, making a long, thin black line in the wall.

“You have no choice general,” Sion warned him, “Like it or not, I need your help, to lure out an old friend. If you aid me in my quest, I shall give you the one thing you’ve wanted for so long. To become the king of Onderon.”

“I will serve you for now,” Vaklu told Sion, “But after this, our business is concluded.”

“Kneel general,” Sion told him, “I will call the shots. You serve me now. I’ve done enough serving in my time and now it is your turn.”

Sion put his Lightsaber away and prepared to leave.

“Lord Sion?” Vaklu asked, “What will we do now?”

Sion turned around to see Vaklu, still shaking from his appearance.

“Since my master failed to aid you on your quest to become king, I shall aid you, as I’ve already told you,” Sion told Vaklu, “But before we jump to conclusions, we must lure out a Jedi who managed to stop you from becoming king. My apprentice shall take things from there. Once my apprentice has completed her task, it is our turn to strike.”
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