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Chapter X - Arrival

"We fought many soldiers during the Mandalorian Wars. The Onderonians were certainly brave - but they were disorganized and stupid."
- Canderous Ordo, Mandalore

Sera and Both’haniwo sat in the cockpit, starring at nothing. They had nothing to do. Both’haniwo had suggested that they went to his homeworld, Alderaan and Nar Shaddaa, to escape the pressures of life. Sera had told him that she had been to Nar Shaddaa at a bad time, the last time she was there. The Exchange had put a bounty on the remaining Jedi and since everyone believed that she was the last Jedi, bounty hunters had been after her, since she had landed on Nar Shaddaa.

“Onderon,” Nauk suggested.

Sera and Both’haniwo turned to see him.

“Onderon?” Both’haniwo asked, “Master Jedi, use your common sense, a civil war has recently happened and I’m guessing they will prevent all visitors from landing in Iziz.”

“I’ve sensed a disturbance in the Force,” Nauk told Both’haniwo, “The Sith are returning and one of the survivors from Malachor V has allied himself with General Vaklu.”

“That’s impossible,” Sera replied, “Vaklu is under Onderon’s most guarded cell, how could he escape?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Nauk enquired, “The Sith searched for Vaklu and rescued him from the cell. I have no idea where they are now.”

“Perhaps they are still on Onderon,” Both’haniwo suggested.

“Then we must get to Onderon and warn the queen,” Sera told them both, “If Vaklu is allied with the Sith, he will probably be after the queen.”

The Ebon Hawk approached Onderon and landed in a hangar, in a part of Iziz where Sera hadn’t been before. She got up and left the Ebon Hawk. When she was out of sight, Nauk spoke with Both’haniwo.

“Stay here with the Droids, Bothan,” Nauk told him, “I suspect that there will be people still after the two of us.”

“Yeah?” Both’haniwo asked sarcastically, “Three people are better than two.”

“And three is a crowd,” Nauk countered, “Now stay with the Droids and you’ll know when we’re in trouble.”

“How?” Both’haniwo shouted as Nauk left the Ebon Hawk.

“There will be a disturbance in the Force,” Nauk told Both’haniwo, “Now, I must leave.”


As Sera and Nauk entered the small town in Iziz, a guard approached them. He was dressed in the royalist clothing, as most of the employees under the queen wore.

“Hello and welcome to Iziz,” He told the two Jedi, “Do you have five hundred credits that will allow you to land?”

“You don’t need any money friend,” Nauk warned, waving his hand at the man, “You’re sorry you bothered us.”

“I don’t need any money friend,” The man recited, “I’m sorry I bothered you both.”

As Sera and Nauk walked off, Sera noticed the man rubbing his head in pain. Sera knew that it was wrong to use a Jedi Mind Trick, but she decided not to argue with him. Where would Vaklu and the Sith be?


Soon, Sera and Nauk had arrived at the sky ramp, which was directly outside the palace. What was strange, however, was that there was no one guarding it. Had something happened? Different thoughts ran through Sera’s head that were once again, unanswerable. Even though the sky ramp was unguarded, Sera and Nauk walked up towards the palace and once again, entered it without ease. They even managed to enter the throne room without ease. What worried Sera was that the queen wasn’t in the throne room.

“Your highness!” Sera shouted.

“I’m afraid the queen isn’t available at the moment,” A hooded figure replied, lifting her hood down.

Her appearance was exactly like Sera’s. Except for one major difference. The dark side of the Force had corrupted her. She also wore a black robe, unlike Sera who wore the brown robe of a Jedi. When she ignited her Lightsaber, it was red. The complete opposite of Sera’s blue.

“You shall die!” The clone of Sera shouted at the two Jedi, “My master has allowed me to kill you by my hands!”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber and beside her, Nauk ignited his two Lightsabers, one blue and the other purple. For a while, Sera and Nauk stared at their enemy, expecting her to make the first move. Soon their enemy immediately leapt at them, her attack parried by Nauk’s Lightsabers.


Sion and Vaklu walked up the sky ramp. Those who remained loyal to Vaklu surrounded him and Sion as they talked to each other. The queen had been chased out of the palace by Vaklu’s army and since there wasn’t a Jedi Master guarding her, she and her royal guard ran away from the palace. Now the palace was Vaklu’s, once the Jedi Exile and the Jedi with her were defeated. Sion had told Vaklu everything.

“Lord Sion, are you sure you’re apprentice will be able to defeat two Jedi?” Vaklu asked.

Sion turned to look at him. He smiled, despite what he was going to say.

“No,” Sion told Vaklu, “My apprentice is nothing more than a person created by the Mandalorian Wars. Her death means nothing to me. Even if she manages to defeat the Jedi Exile and her companion, I will be the one who separates her head from her diseased body.”

The palace was directly in front of them. Sion knew his plan was working.


Sera blocked another attack from her enemy. Despite her opponent being the same as her, her power was much stronger and she was a lot more agile, compared to her. Nauk tried to stab the enemy with one of his Lightsabers, but the enemy managed to knock his Lightsaber out of his hand, causing Nauk to pick up his Lightsaber, leaving Sera alone. Sera and her opponent’s Lightsabers clashed together, both of them trying to break out of the Lightsaber lock. Sera’s opponent gritted her teeth as she tried to push Sera down with her Lightsaber. Sera immediately pushed hard, causing her opponent to stumble and fall over. Nauk took his chance and immediately pierced his Lightsabers into her heart. After a loud scream, their opponent was silenced and she had been killed. Sera and Nauk smiled at each other, before preparing to leave. Just as they were about to walk out, a large army approached them and shot at them. However all the blaster shots were set on stun. Sera couldn’t move as she was hit. She didn’t know if Nauk had been hit, but Sera guessed he had. Someone approached Sera. It was General Vaklu. Sera wanted to ask what he was doing here and how he got out of prison, but how could she reply, when she was stunned?

“Not so tough are you Exile,” Vaklu taunted, “If I wasn’t under strict orders from my associate, I would let my army kill you straight away, but since I’m not allowed, I’ll let me and my associate deal with you both later.”

Vaklu punched Sera, knocking her out.
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