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Chapter XII - On the Run

"The crystal is the heart of the blade. The heart is the crystal of the Jedi. The Jedi is the crystal of the Force. The Force is the blade of the heart. All are intertwined: the crystal, the blade, the Jedi. You are one."
- Luminara Unduli

Two guards were loyal to Vaklu entered. One ran towards Nauk, while the other ran towards Sera. Sera knew that they had weapons, so Sera used the Force to pull their blasters away from them. The two guards were shocked, but before they could run off, Sera immediately shot them both. She knew that she would have to keep her blaster rifle for a while, until she and Nauk retrieved their inventory. As Sera and Nauk ran out into the open, several guards greeted them. Both Sera and Nauk shot the guards, using the Force to avoid the blaster shots.

“Now what?” Sera asked, as soon as all the guards were defeated.

“We need to find Queen Talia,” Nauk told her, “And I know where she would hide. The underground library. Now come on!”

Nauk sped off and Sera sighed. An underground library? Now that was new. In all her time as an exile, during her travels around the Outer Rim, she had never been into an underground library before. Sera managed to catch up with Nauk, as he found the security room, where their entire inventory had been kept. Sera and Nauk nodded to each other, before Nauk kicked the door down. The security guards inside were confused and shocked. They did nothing.

“Err…” One began, “Hello.”

“Hello,” Nauk replied, immediately shooting them all.

Sera grabbed all their gear and threw the blaster rifle on the floor.

“So uncivilised,” She told Nauk.

“Agreed,” He told Sera, the two Jedi leaving the room.


Luckily for the two Jedi, the citizens of Iziz were still listening to Vaklu’s lies, in the distance. Nauk seemed to know where he was going. Soon he and Sera stopped in the middle of a street.

“What is it, why are we stopping?” Sera asked, sounding exactly like one of her companions from a while ago.

“Hush!” Nauk whispered sharply, “This is the spot where the underground library is located. Don’t say you can’t see anything, but if you concentrate, this is one of the places in Onderon where the dark side is located. Close your eyes and feel the Force flow around you. Particularly the hatred and oppression that Onderon has suffered from, because of this underground library.”

As Sera closed her eyes, Nauk’s speech reminded her of someone.

“You speak of the dark side,” Sera told Nauk.

“Do I?” Nauk asked, not really caring about what Sera was saying, “One must study the ways of both the light and the dark side.”

“But Exar Kun studied the dark side and he was defeated, because of it,” Sera told Nauk.

Nauk ignored her as he knelt down and used the Force to lift several bricks off the floor. They floated in midair, innocently, before Nauk threw them behind him.

“You go first Exile,” Nauk told her, “Vaklu and especially Sion will be after your blood more than mine.”

Sera had no choice, but to jump down into the dirty underground below. She used the Force to slow herself down in the air, to save herself getting injured. Shortly after, Nauk followed. Sera noticed that they had both landed in dirty, green water. This was not her idea of heaven and she of all people, hated getting wet. She hoped Nauk knew what he was doing.

“Come,” Nauk whispered, “Much there is, to be explored.”

He ran off, with Sera travelling behind him.
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