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Chapter XIV - The Final Battle

"There are dark places in the Galaxy where few tread. Ancient centers of learning, of knowledge. But I did not walk alone. To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best. But my will was not law. There were disagreements, ambition… and hunger for power. There are techniques within the Force against which there is no defense. I was cast down, stripped of my power, exiled. I suffered indignities, and fell into darkness."
- Kreia

Sera woke up, feeling tired and noticed Sion and Nauk who was now dressed in a black robe. Despite being a Jedi, Sera wanted to kill Nauk right where he stood for betraying her, but she didn’t have the strength. Unlike the prison cell in Onderon, the chains that held Sera captive would cut off her power from the Force, making her feel weaker at the same time. She noticed Sion walk off, leaving Nauk alone with Sera.

“You’re finally awake,” He began, “Emperor Devon shall soon meet with you. He has been impatient for ten years.”

“Why?” Sera asked, “Why did you betray me?”

“As I told you on Onderon, you were needed for future events,” Nauk continued, “Only one as strong in the Force such as you, could bring the Sith back to it’s true glory,” He paused and moved out the way for another figure, “This is Emperor Devon, lord of the Sith.”

The hooded figure walked towards Sera and remained silent. He used the Force to push Nauk into the corner and Sion stayed with Nauk. Emperor Devon began to speak.

“So this is the Jedi Exile,” He began, grabbing her Lightsaber from her pocket and admiring it’s build, “And this must be her weapon. A Lightsaber.”

He threw it to Sion, before speaking again.

“You’ve taken a great risk for trusting Lord Grelan here,” Devon continued, “Being a dark lord of the Sith and second in command, I’m surprised your senses betrayed you.”

“Get to the point Devon!” Sera shouted.

“The dark side of the Force surrounds you,” Devon continued, remaining calm, “It will consume as, as Tramond XXV did when you killed me in battle. Remember me?”

“Quallan?” Sera asked, “Quallan Devon, how did you survive?”

“My Jedi Master, Nauk resurrected me, soon after the Jedi Civil War and in doing so, he surrendered himself to me and the dark side I serve.”

He stood backwards and fumbled around his pocket, bringing out his Lightsaber. Sera observed it for a while. It was a normal Lightsaber that most dark siders used. Devon’s Lightsaber was slightly longer than Sera’s Lightsaber, but that didn’t really matter to her. All she knew was that she would become the one thing that would bring the dark side back to its full power.

“Goodbye my love,” He began, “Goodbye, Sera Tana.”

Devon ignited his Lightsaber and was about to strike at Sera, but Sion stopped her.

“No my lord!” Sion shouted, “Let me kill the Jedi Exile! It is what I’ve been trying to do for a long time!”

“No!” Devon shouted back, “She is mine to kill!”

“No, she’s mine!” Sion shouted, running towards Devon, Lightsaber in hand.

Devon immediately turned round, stabbing his Lightsaber into Sion’s abdomen. Sion was gasping in pain, as the Lightsaber remained in his abdomen. Devon kept forcing his Lightsaber through his abdomen, eventually, killing him.

“You should’ve known exile,” Devon told Sera, “Only the dark side was capable to kill Sion here. He managed to survive Malachor V, though he never survived Tramond XXV. Now, where were we?”

“No!” Nauk shouted, “Fight her! Feel honour as you strike her down!”

Devon looked at Nauk for a while, before releasing Sera. Devon threw Sera’s Lightsaber back to her.

“One chance to survive exile,” Devon warned her, “I’m going to enjoy this. Let’s finish what we began on Tramond, ten years ago.”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber and waited for Devon to make the first move. He did. Sera immediately blocked his attack, striking at him, with her own attacks. Devon parried them, causing the two Lightsabers to lock together.

“You’re too weak exile,” Devon taunted, “I always remembered you as a very strong adversary.”

Sera broke the Lightsaber lock, striking at Devon again, who again parried Sera’s attack. Devon chuckled.

“Surely you can do better?” He taunted once again.

Sera once more broke out of the Lightsaber lock, immediately striking again, but Devon forced her to the floor. Devon shot thousands of bolts of lightning at her, causing Sera to scream in pain.

“Come on, get up!” Devon shouted, “If I managed to get up from your attacks before, surely you can get up!”

Devon shot more bolts at Sera, causing her to scream in pain more and roll across the floor. She couldn’t escape the wrath of the dark side though, not here. Devon stopped and spoke again.

“And now exile, you’ll die a slow painful death.”

Devon shot more bolts, but as Sera was about to die, two Lightsabers stopped the bolts of lightning.

“Grelan!” Devon shouted, “What are you doing?”

“Returning to the light side once more,” Nauk told Devon, “You always were an impatient apprentice. This is why you fail.”

Devon pushed Nauk backwards.

“You always were the philosopher of the Force!” Devon shouted, “I would never become what you always wanted to become. I realise now that you took the dark side as your path to find out my plans. For that, you will die.”

Nauk immediately leapt towards Devon, kicking him backwards into a nearby pillar.

“You always were clumsy during duels,” Nauk told Devon, as he got up, “I should know, I was once a Jedi duellist.”

Devon said nothing as he ran towards Nauk, immediately getting kicked back down again.

“The dark side is nothing young Quallan,” Nauk told Devon, “End this charade.”

Devon ignored Nauk’s words and immediately stabbed Nauk in the leg, causing him to yell in pain as he fell to the floor. Sera immediately got up and kicked Devon backwards into another pillar, causing several other pillars to fall on top of him.

“Sera,” Nauk whispered, “Sera.”

Sera walked towards Nauk.

“What?” She asked.

“He isn’t dead,” He told Sera, “There is only one way to stop him. You must kill me. I’m his link and I’m the only one who can kill him. But a Jedi, a true Jedi must kill me in order to do this.”

“What?” Sera asked, “I can’t do that, despite what you did to me.”

“And that is why you must kill me,” Nauk told Sera, “Save the galaxy, save yourself, save the Jedi Order. Do what I always wanted to do. But beware, when Devon dies, this planet also dies. You and your crew must leave quickly”

Sera nodded as Devon immediately came into sight. Sera looked at Devon for a while, before forcing her Lightsaber into Nauk. Both Nauk and Devon shouted in pain, for a while. Sera immediately pulled her Lightsaber out of Nauk’s now lifeless body and stabbed her Lightsaber back into Nauk’s body. Devon finally died and the planet started shaking. Sera picked up Nauk’s body and ran to the Ebon Hawk, opposite.

“Quick take off, we need to leave!” Sera shouted.

She leapt onto the Ebon Hawk and watched as the planet destroyed itself as the Ebon Hawk escaped the planet.
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