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"Wesa free"
- Gungan

When Sera returned to Telos, Admiral Carth Onasi and Chodo Habat greeted her. Both’haniwo was reunited with Carth, leaving Sera with Chodo. The Ithorian spoke.

“Telos has been restored!” He shouted, also talking to the large crowd behind him, “The Sith have been defeated, I can sense it. Thank you exile, you are a true Jedi.”

Sera bowed to Chodo in respect.

“Thank you Chodo,” She told him, “It is great to be back.”

The large crowd behind Chodo cheered even louder as Sera walked forward, coming into view. HK and T3 were with her as the crowd cheered. Carth walked towards her and shook her hand.

“Both’haniwo told me your short adventure looking for the Sith,” He told Sera, “And you found them and defeated them. Well done.”

“Thank you Admiral,” Sera told Carth, “But I never found Revan.”

“I’m sure he would like us all to celebrate,” Carth assured her, “I haven’t given up hope on him though.”

Pushing through the crowds was a man who Sera hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Atton?” She asked.

“Sera!” He shouted as he ran towards her, immediately grabbing her.

The two shared a passionate kiss and broke away.

“I’ve missed you.” Sera told him.

“I’ve missed you too,” Atton told her.


After that, the rest of the night was all a blur. Atton had gone out to buy some food and supplies, while Sera was relaxing. She had some great news to tell Atton. As he was her husband he had a right to know. The door opened and Atton entered.

“I’m home!” He shouted, kissing Sera, as he put what he bought down.

“Atton, I have some news,” Sera told him.

“What?” He asked.

“I’m pregnant.”
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