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Originally Posted by FunSolo
first of all, thanks

but back to topic.
i think the shield boost for the fighters is a good decision for balance, but still, these tartans and corvettes are still a pain in the ass lol. especially when u play against the AI which will endup in masses of them in an assaultforce (at least in GC). would they be a bit less effective it would greatly improve the role of all the fighters. on the other hand that way the bombers would be nasty (more like they are atm). i dunno what would be best here, but right now fighters are pretty useless till u bring them in masses imho. i know they r capable to do good damage, but losing them fast is a pain.

yertl brought in a good point.
what bout if they raise the lvl requirements for the ships. wouldnt that be enough?
lets say give the ZC at lvl1 just regular pirate ships like the z-95 and stuff, and bring in the better fighters and so at lvl2 and so on. wouldnt that be a better idea instead of nerfing all their ships?
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Level requirements are a step. But if we look at the fact that its only a matter of time until you reach level 5, you still end up with the same problems we have now. Plus, what if you set tech starting level to 5? What happens then? It seems to me that we'd still be where we are now...

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