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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 

Jason Skywalker, CSI: Nihilus, Revan Master of Darkness, Darth Grivis, Mr_BFA, AkumaSF and many others who I might have forgotten to mention, who also commented on this Fic, during itís rushed run.

igyman, for creating the Ficís banner and giving me some helpful advice, like others have, but igyman is one who stands out in my mind.

Emperor Devon for letting me use the name, Emperor Devon and for coming up with his past, etc.

Wookieepedia for helping me on information on things.

Jae Onasiís Fic, The Adventures of Jolee Bindo, for giving me the idea for making a credits part of a Fic.

Indiana Jones and the Emperorís Tomb game for the PS2 for giving me some ideas to use in my Fic.

LucasForums, for being the great place it is, with all itís great people and Moderators and other staff who keep this place going.

Bioware for creating KOTOR and Obsidian for creating it's sequel, TSL.

And finally, George Lucas for creating Star Wars. Iím sorry, if I missed anyone/anything out.
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