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No, it is relevant, because in terms of gameplay, Nihilus did indeed suck, however in terms of plot, Nihilus could beat anyone, except the Exile, so because I thought he was talking about the plot, when he said Nihilus sucked, I did not agree with that. I already told you why when he said 'Revan was a master swordsman' why I didn't think he was talking about the gameplay.

Then I stopped and thought, wait a minute, he mustn't be talking about the plot, because no one could say Nihilus sucked in terms of power from a plot perspective, so he must be talking about the character. Gameplay never occured to me.

Another point you're missing is that I didn't think he was talking about the gameplay, because it is a simply irrelevant point and I thought JawaJoey understood that.

Nihilus didn't 'in fact' suck, because their is no evidence to suggest that he sucked in combat without his draining ability. Gameplay has nothing to do with how good he was in combat (without his draining ability).

Anyway, lets drop this please. I still don't see why I should have known JawaJoey was talking about the gameplay, but so what? There's nothing more to see here. Move along. Move along.

Oh and about MacCorp, that's a long story. I said you're beginning to sound like him, because you, like him, accussed me of taking things out of context and focusing on one part of a sentence and forgetting the other part.

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