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"He's not a monster," Raze chastised Travis, lightly smacking him with the back of her hand. She knelt down beside Otak and studied him for a moment. "I think he was afraid and confused. Definitely aggressive, but then again, he's a male." She eyed him over. "I think."

She had tried to have a non-violent ending to the odd situation, but things didn't quite work out that way. She dipped a finger in the puddle of green blood, then frowned slightly. Falleen blood was green, too. She sighed.

"Well, we can't just leave him here like this," she said, concerned. She turned to Ulim.

"Ulim, you said he was your 'friend'. Get him on board and put him in the medical bay. But, stay with him. I don't want him to wake up, freak out, and damage the ship.

"Bif? Hope your medical archives are up-to-date. You've got a patient. Oh, and see if you can determine what sort of projectile he was hit with. I certainly didn't see it exit, or see it around anyplace, but there's an exit wound here," she said, pointing to Otak's shoulder.

"Travis? Think you can rig up some sort of restraining apparatus in the med bay for our new friend? I don't want him to think he's our prisoner or anything, but neither do I want him rampaging around the ship trying to rip our heads off when he wakes up." She thought a moment. "Something flexible, but strong."

She then turned her attention to Rita, Zam, and John. "All right. Show's over. You've got cargo to load, and I've got credits to collect." She rose, intending to go to her quarters on board and relay the payment information to Phee. "I'll join you in a few minutes."

She looked down at the severed head of the dead man, still clutched in Otak's clawed hand. "And would someone please get rid of that before someone comes looking for him. We don't need any more trouble from the locals."
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