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Beryl gave Ryshana a skeptical look at her offer to help. "Are you sure you want to help me?” Beryl asked. “Looking for conduit worms has got to be the nastiest job on the ship. Unless you gas them out with Cyanoxis D-587, which is not only expensive but means a total evacuation of the ship for 24 hours, and Nic would never go for that. They're stringy, and fiddly, and creepy with those buggy little eyes peeking out from every which way. And, you have to crawl under the floor panels just to find the little bas….” Beryl suddenly paused, raising her brow. “Ah,” she said insightfully. “You’ve got a trick to find them, don’t you? A Force trick, perhaps?”

The dock foreman in charge of the bay came over to them, and Beryl explained to him that they’d been sent by Rex’s Repulsorlifts to deliver two swoop bikes to two different clients—one of which, Beryl told him, was the medium-sized freighter that was the Echo. Dock hands arrived to put the bikes on loader trolleys, and the foreman returned shortly with a credit chip for Beryl.

“Here,” Beryl tossed the chip to Cloud. “You delivered it, you earned it.” She looked around at the group, then smiled. “Well, it looks like everyone’s profited on our little outing tonight!”

“Not me,” Oliver moaned, finally over his motion-induced sickness.

“Yes, you did,” Beryl said. “You got free drinks.” Then she added, “It’s not my fault you couldn’t keep them down.”

One of the dockhands went to move Beryl’s bike, now safely loaded on the repulsorlift trolley, but Beryl quickly intercepted him. “Thanks, but I can handle it from here.”

She didn't want any scratches, dents or dings on it before she safely tucked it away to bed in the Echo's cargo bay, so with careful, gentle control of the repulsorlift trolley, she began to walk with the bike down the long, length of bays.

But after a few steps, she paused. "Erm...anyone remember where we're parked?"

Veni, Vidi, Velcro. (I came, I saw, I stuck around)

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