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Travis nodded, watching as Ulim began carting the giant thing into the Eclipse. "I still think it's a monster." he told Raze, grinning faintly as he followed the pair, headed up the ramp.


Several hours, a dozen old battery packs, stims, chems, and half a million experiments later, Travis had a break through.

Flexible but not breakable, eh? he thought, grinning to himself at he looked down at his creation. I think that's doable.

He picked up the amber-colored, goopish substance, and pulled at it. It stretched a bit, but the more pressure he applied, the harder it was to move it. And even better...

Picking up an extra scrap of the material, he rolled it into a ball. Allowing it to drop to the ground, he smirked when it automatically bounced up again, right back into his hand. This could be fun...

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