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Alright, after having played around for a while, I'll add my two coppers here. All of htis is based on the settings we have with Meatgrinder. If things are non-issue because experience point rewards would be higher, etc., then disregard what I have to say.

Firstly, I think we're getting too caught up in a "Combinations" war. While there are some combinations that are posing problems for us, the issue is not the combination itself so much as the powers and weapons at hand.

I think the biggest issue that we have to resolve for this current version is three fold: Force Power variety, countering abilities, and Ability Costs.

Force Power variety is first. Simply put, we're sorely needing it. We've regressed to a system that involves too much on Jedi using knockdowns to get hits with the lightsaber. I'm all for knockdowns being used constantly, but it's currently ALL we have. As far as I'm concerned, why waste points on lightning when I can do just as well with some level of push and pull? Jedi are currently one trick ponies in the Force department. We need variety, badly. I know we're still sorting out what powers there should be available, and a lot of hte ideas I provided were outlandish in terms of implementing and using. But I've seen some nice, simple ideas lately. We need to get around to implementing them, and giving Jedi something more than "Knockdown/slash". It's great... but it's not good enough.

The next issue we have is with countering abilities. This is closely related with ability costs. Currently, the cost to get access to certain abilities, in order to counter other abilities, is a bit skewed. If I want to counter a rocket launcher, I need access to Force Push, or Pull. Or I need a jetpack to keep safe. Something. On a low experience point server, this becomes a problem. I don't get easy access. Countering being knocked down requires at least a level of Force Jump. Again... with other essentials, like having a lightsaber, that is a bit expensive and slow to get to.

In a higher point game, I'd still say that the cost to counter abilities is either too high, or too rigid. Want to counter lightning? You MUST build yourself in a certain manner. Want to avoid rockets? Must have certain abilities ready. I don't mind that this is so, but I think we need to tweak costs a bit to reflect this.

Lightning gets cursed because the methods of countering it require to stringent a set of abilities. Costs need to be adjusted. Perhaps lightning needs to cost a great deal more. I'm not sure.

Costs and variety are our two biggest problems, as far as I can tell. That's what we should be focusing on next, outside of tweaking saber combat (I'll post in that other thread... JR Hockney is on to something as far as I'm concerned).

We currently have a system that involves this:

-Saber combat
-Abilities that knock you down
-Abilities that let you fly
-One ability to negate force powers

Other powers are currently suspect or non-issue. Sense... eh. Speed... eh. Grip... I'm still trying to figure out what it's purpose is. I'm trying to be creative... but it's not really working.

So that's it. I don't think it's really the combinations that are the problem, as much as it is how much things cost, and what variety is available. In a game where knockdowns are predominant, then of course we're going to see some combinations that are irksome because they take advantage of delivering knockdowns and countering them all at the same time.

If Jedi had access to different abilities, then they may not be as frustrated with Gunners that have "Push" abilities or other mobility. If we focus on powers that aren't necessarily beneficial to getting range and firing guns, then Jedi wouldn't be so pressed in the "trying to be pure" department.

Otherwise, the game seems fine to me. Being a Jedi requires craftiness, which is what I like. I don't want to get special bonuses for not using guns. I do, however, want costs to be adjusted so that if I don't spend points on guns, I can still afford a combination of abilities that is unique enough to allow me to get around.

Gunners are at a good power level right now. They can kill quickly. The blaster is non-existent, but that bowcaster is awesome. The rocket launcher is irksome at times, and I wonder sometimes if the splash damage is affecting the shooter as much as it's affecting everyone else. The flamethrower is a cool weapon, and I think it's been implemented nicely. Gunners don't need to be nerfed.

Jedi, on the other hand, do not need a power boost either. They simply need a small adjustment on some costs, along with variety. Variety simply meaning abilities other than "Push that guy to the ground" or rather, abilities that have an affect on the battlefield that goes beyond point and shoot. The weakness here is that using a sword and having a push ability is great, but we need powers to augment our sword, since that's our killing tool.

Heal, Protect, Mind Trick, Rage, Drain, Sense, and Speed need to do something here. Speed going fast isn't really helping right now. Sense is... a wall hack that sees little use outside of that. WE have five other things. We really need to pull together and focus on that list of powers. And start trying stuff out.

Just like gunners needed some gadgets... Jedi need gadgets right now. Not a power boost. Not restricted access. Gadgets.

Watch this we will, or lay down I shall.... DIBS I have!
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