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Originally Posted by The Architect
Nihilus didn't 'in fact' suck, because their is no evidence to suggest that he sucked in combat without his draining ability. Gameplay has nothing to do with how good he was in combat (without his draining ability).
There's no evidence that suggests the contrary either. You keep saying Nihilus should be much harder to beat according to the plot. But the plot is, as far as I see, merely suggesting that Nihilus has a devastating draining power. His fighting skills? We do not know. Him being strong in the force? Maybe, as he could keep the scrapped Ravanger together through the Force. But still, I don't see the plot saying he's a good fighter other than the god-like draining power.

As you and jediphile argued earlier against Revan, the gameplay is all we can take reference from when no other authoritative source suggests otherwise. But now for Nihilus you say gameplay has nothing to do with his ability, notwithstanding absence of proof that says otherwise. You certainly don't think you're a little bit biased here?

Originally Posted by The Architect
No, it is relevant, because in terms of gameplay, Nihilus did indeed suck, however in terms of plot, Nihilus could beat anyone, except the Exile, so because I thought he was talking about the plot, when he said Nihilus sucked, I did not agree with that. I already told you why when he said 'Revan was a master swordsman' why I didn't think he was talking about the gameplay.
Ah, but if all come into play, why then, did you get it all after Jawajoey said "I meant he sucked in combat"? He didn't even specific whether he meant "plot combat" or "gameplay combat".

Look, you're still having this blind spot here. Yes, in terms of plot, Nihilus could beat anyone except the Exile, but only because of his draining ability. You agree with that? If yes, then see, Jawajoey made a Presumption of Nihilus and Revan having a traditional fight when only sheer fighting skills count. It was in his opinion that without the draining ability Nihilus would not win because he's not as good a fighter as Revan. So indeed, even in terms of plot, Nihilus could "suck", because Jawajoey made a presumption of having a "traditional fight".

Why then, did you not get it? Because, as indicated by my quote of yours,
You presumed Nihilus could beat anyone even without the draining ability. But as explained in my earlier paragraph, this presumption is, indeed, questionable.

Originally Posted by The Architect
Another point you're missing is that I didn't think he was talking about the gameplay, because it is a simply irrelevant point and I thought JawaJoey understood that.
It being irrelevant doesn't make you overlook what Jawajoey was trying to say. His point was irrelevant, but he still meant what he meant.

We should have moved along. But as now we're having a turn of discussion concerning Nihilus's sheer combat skill, plot-wise, which is relevant to the topic, we may as well continue.

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