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Yeah Wilfer they did have a HUGE amount of changes and bug to fix...when they changed one thing it could have stuffed up something else :O

Tears, your breakdown of the reb fighters is exactly how I would like to see them too. I think the Bwings need attention too. They really should be flying tanks. i never noticed their graphics glitch before...

Thanks YertyL for the comparison of Fighters and ISD cost. I should have taken the time to calculate that. Only trouble is to put the value of an ISD in starfighters into battle would take about 20 pop cap.... (and its okay dood when you have dorks like me around to get the info out of the XMLs for ya )

As for efficiencies and calculating losses, I guess poor TIE pilots dont count! How Imperial can you get :P

One other thing I noticed about the rebs was their dependence upon one unit for their upgrades and intelligence....C3PO and R2....If IG-88 sends them for extensive repairs the rebs lose a very important unit. And its not that hard to find a unit for a bounty hunter. The rebs could probably do with another unit for intel gathering.

I thought the MC-30 has 2 laser cannons???

I liked YertyLs idea about increasing tech levels but Shadow is right. It doesnt really fix the problem because once the ZC get to tech 5 they get a licence to beat the S&*t out of the other factions....the game shouldnt concentrate on ensuring the ZC dont get to tech 5. Reminds me of another game where you had to take a side down before they were too strong otherwise it was all over....damn memory....

FunSolo, I agree with you 100% about Corvettes. I touched on it in my last post. The amount of squadrons a few tartans can destroy in a short time when they boost their guns is incredible. My first GC with the Empire I saw how tough StarVipers were and resorted to massed tartan attacks..I only needed 3 or 4 and I slaughtered 30+ sqdns no problems. Corellian corvettes have double the guns of a tartan and crusaders have 11! :O If corvettes were not as good against fighters, but instead used as tough scouts then fighters would be more important for intercepting bombers so you would want to protect your fighters more for this reason.
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