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For the Mind Trick idea, I was also thinking you could give a special advantage with the saber due to melee requirements.

IE, if you Lv. 3 Mind Trick somebody and hit them with a lightsaber at Lv. 3 Saber Attack, they should be one of two things: dead or out of DP.

Here's the idea: You surprise hit at Lv. 2 Mind Trick, your attack costs 50% more DP to evade than normal. For Lv. 3, up that to 100% more DP, doubling it.

This applies unless you use your saber. Then those values are double to a cost of 3x the DP and 4x the DP. I'd hope that 4x DP is basically, if not instant death, close to it. It should be instant death to any gunner who gets caught probably.

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