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Alixe gingerly brought the starfighter in to dock and pulled open the canopy, still in the sniper fatigues from Polis Massa and her rifle slung across her back. Thinking it a good idea to not appear hostile she chose to leave it, as well as the blaster carbine she fought her way out with.
"Sergeant Medcraft," she said to the crew chief when he ran up to her, "I have information about Coroscant."
"We've been expecting you. Leave your weapons with the ship and follow me." Alixe did as ordered and walked with the man, preparing to give her report.
"I still cannot believe they would kill the children there," she muttered to herself.
"So it's true?" Alixe nodded soberly. "We heard through the comm channels stories..." It was clear the incident had shaken Alixe and he kept quiet. "Right this way." Alixe was shown where she was to go, and once left spent a moment to make herself presentable. She longed for a mirror or something so she could do a proper job, but that would probably require more time than the Senator and Jedi were willing to wait. Deciding she did the best she could Alixe made her way in, recognising Bail Organa immediately, as well as the other pilots who had gathered for the meeting.
"Sergeant Alixe Medcraft," she stated, snapping to attention and giving a formal salute. "I was assigned sniper duty on the Polis Massa asteroids." Her gaze fell on Yoda, not just because of his strange appearence but because he appeared worse for wear. Instinct made Alixe want to help him but she knew it was better not to make any sudden moves. "If there is still some form of military for us to fall under," she added, clearly not knowing what was going on.
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