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Ok, I ain't gonna do all the quoting again. And this is getting unnecessarily messy. In short, it's plain simple: Jawajoey, throughout his little paragraph, has been referring to "fighting". As a matter of fact, it's implied that he was also referring to fighting, i.e. combat, when he said Nihilus "sucks". If you don't get it, then fine by me.

And for that quote you said you didn't say, my wrong, maybe it's Jediphile. Sorry about that. But this you did say: "in terms of gameplay, Nihilus did indeed suck, however in terms of plot, Nihilus could beat anyone, except the Exile." Now that you've clarified, I take that you meant in terms of plot, Nihilus could beat anyone with his draining ability. I mistook your meaning as him beating anyone in combat then, because in the first sentence you were talking about combat in gameplay. With all due respect, you may consider expressing with more clarity next time then.

But I just wanna point out that, the fact that Nihilus's fighting is anti-climatic doesn't make the gameplay not consistent with plot, as you seem to imply in your previous arguments here (however you deny it) and in this thread. Maybe he's meant to be weak in combat. Since no other sources suggest otherwise, we might just as well refer to the gameplay as "canon", that his fighting sucks.

I don't know MacCorp, but if someone shared the same opinion that I gave, I don't know, maybe it's true in some context. But, Architect, I meant no hostility. I just pointed out something I found questionable. I hope we're friends, genuinely. So, .
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