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Originally Posted by razorace
I agree that we need to make sure that our Linux compiles work properly. I've been running it on the Meatgrinder for the last week or so. It seems to work, but it also seems to have its own set of bugs. :|

However, I simply haven't seen the error you've described yet. Maybe try recompiling the whole thing from scratch and see if it works then?
What your server's revision number is ?
I'll try compiling in it.

I tried from scratch, and tried my rev.303 and 305 source) with official 0.0.9r, but same error.
I guess that the cause of the error is .so.:<

My source/game/Makefile is default (CFLAGS = -fPIC -DFINAL_BUILD -DNDEBUG -DQAGAME -D_JK2 -D__linux__ -march=i586 -O3).

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