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Originally Posted by thegreatjoshini
i'm sorry redhawke, but not knowing who sephiroth is makes you look incredibly stupid. Final Fantasy 7 was one of the best selling games of all time. I am now demoting you redhawke to uninformed gamer status and taking away all moderating rights. Umm, you're not quite right in the fact the fact that not everyone has played FF7. The majority of gamers out there have played it, even if it was the only rpg they ever played. This is the reason a sequel was made. It is called common sense. Use it sometime.
I wouldn't be surprised if we hear from RedHawke soon.

There is no need as ChAiNz already handled it. -RH

I also think that, whether or not RH actually knew who Sephiroth was, the point was valid. He was trying to explain to D. Seraph why more detail was necessary for a request.

Your post is incredibly rude, and saying that everyone has played FF7 is again a falsehood. Barely anyone here (and by here I mean in my part of PA) has played FF7, and I haven't either.

When I came into this thread for the first time, I also did not know who Sephiroth was.

And a sequel? I'm pretty sure just because games get sequels doesn't mean that they are played by all 6 billion on the planet.

Playing the FF series and knowing who Sephiroth is (BTW, RH said there was no harm done before you posted) has nothing whatsoever to do with common sense.

But flaming moderators and telling them they've been demoted, does.

Bad idea.


PS. And ChAiNz is a S. Mod, it would be bad to flame him too.

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