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Chapter 4

Revan had just set a young Cathar girl free, to make him look like a hero, instead of the villian that he is. He left immediately after he freed her.

Back on Onderon.....

"Yes, good Talia.... you learn quickly.... one final lesson, before I leave...." Valen started.

"I want to go with you!" Talia stopped him.

"Well, since I know that the Mandalorians will be trying to kill you, I suppose you could come with me." Valen started.

"Thank you master." Talia said.

The two left the planet....

"Malak!" Revan said, sneaking up behind his best friend. Malak jumped thirty feet into the air, aided by the Force.

"Revan, I..." Malak started, landing on the ground.

"You what?" Revan looked angry.

"I was waiting for the time to strike the Mandalorians above Illum." Malak answered.

"Strike NOW!" Revan said. I am going down to Illum, to steal the Red crystals growing there!

He jumped into the closest shuttle.... when he reached the planet, there were Jedi in the caves...

Vandar is here? Revan thought to himself. Well this shall be interesting...

Malak ignored Revan's thoughts.... "All ships, prepare to attack the Mandalorians!" Malak yelled over the roar of the fire hitting the ship. He threw a sheild up over the ship with the Force, knowing that even four more hits, and the ship, along with him would be destroyed. Malak ran to the Escape Pods, and jettisoned out of the ship.

Revan saw the escape pod slam into the ground. Malak! Revan thought. What in the name of the Force are you doing here? But Revan got no reply, so he landed and ran to the escape pod, where he found Malak unconscious. He picked up Malak's body and threw it into the shuttle, and then ran to the caves.

"Don't think.... it will come naturally." Vandar was saying to a young boy. "Ahhh...... Revan.... my favorite Knight."

"Master Vandar, since no one in the Order uses red crystals, I was wondering if I could take them, just in case someone lost their lightsaber, or it got destroyed." Revan said to the very old master.

"Yes, Revan, that is a wonderful idea.... that way that you'll be back home in the temple sooner." Vandar said. "But we the Council still do not approve of the War."

"Of course you don't master, I don't either..." Revan said lying... but Master Vandar couldn't sense any deception. "Well Master Vandar, I'd better get those.... who is this?" Revan asked staring at the young man, he could see the destiny written on his soul.

"This is Padawan Skywalker..." Vandar said.

"Does he have a master?" Revan asked.

"No, unfortunately he doesn't, and he is almost thirteen." Vandar replied.

Skywalker looked at Revan and was amazed... If I want anyone to be my master, I want it to be him! He thought.

Revan hid his dark aura... and his facial features, and took off the Mask. "Master Vandar, if I could, I would like to train the young man..."

"I don't know Revan, your off to war..." Vandar said.

"Don't worry master... he will be safe, I will make sure of it!" Revan said.

"Very well... Elon... meet your new Master. Jedi Knight Revan." Vandar said.

"Elon... your first lesson is building your lightsaber.... Master Vandar, you may leave." Revan said.

Vandar left and before anything happened Revan made sure he was gone.

"Alright Elon... I'm not going to train you in the ways of the Jedi, but rather in the ways of the Sith!" Revan said.

"Master, it is your choice, I am but the learner, and you are the Master." Elon said, turning his aura dark.

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