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Otak had seen what the woman did, after she detected the scent. She averted her eyes, but did not lower her head, or back down, or move away. She looked to those around her, and he realized she was trying to be strong infront of her...clan, if you could call it that. He nodded once and stepped away, giving her some space, but he was not backing down; this woman had pride, something he hadn't seen, or felt in a long time. For he had lost all pride when he was given the clan taboo tattoos, and exiled to rome this galaxy.

He admired this woman, she was strong, though not physically, inwardly, she was...a leader. For this, he respected her even more than he had before, for he respected women, being raised from birth to do so, and tought not to kill women, for it was dishonorable, and even though he was exiled, his clan had respected him enough to not label him as a Bad Blood, and he wasn't about to act like one.

He had challenged her out of necessity more than anything, and he only felt he had to carry through with his challenge because his culture dictated it, ever since birth it was bored into his slightly primal mind. But now she had denied the challenge, and he felt no need to carry on further with it, though he saw she didn't want to show weakness by backing down, he didn't either, so, he didn't.

He was about to say something in his language when something that felt like a glop of...numb, hit him. He fell to his side and lay there, the numbness spreading through his body. The last thing he smelt was the matriarchs pheremones still clinging in the air, and the last thing he saw was a man come out of the shadows with a blaster, he talked to the matriarch a bit, then nudged his head with his foot. This guy was cocky, and Otak burried this man's face deep in his mind, before his vision faded. The man acted arrogant, and fought like a coward...he would die miserably by Otak's hands!

Even though he could barely smell, and he no longer saw, he heard rather well.

"Thought a monster like him might actually be a bit more fun." He heard the cocky man say, Otak's suit's voice mimicry system hearing, and recording every word of the following conversations it could pick up. Then he slipped into full unconciousness, as he felt himself carried up a ramp by Ulim.

Several hours later he drowsily woke up, the stun shot wearing off. He tryed sitting up but found himself strapped to a table...with goo!? He struggled to get up, but the substance only tightened, and wouldn't let him go, yet it slowly relaxed after time, so as not to continually crush, and strangle him he thought. He looked around, no one was around, not even Ulim, who he heard before his unconciousness was supposed to watch him.

He looked at himself; he was on a table, in what appeared to be a medlab, or somthing, and the substance holding him down was across his chest, and upper arms, and across his ankles. He growled, 'cowardly pigs!' He thought to himself. He noticed that his armor hadn't been removed, infact, not even his honor mask had been removed, yet his wound was treated, rather proffesionally, though it wasn't standard to his anatomy. Obviously whoever treated him didn't understand his species biology, but they still did a good job, he would have to find out who treated him, so he wouldn't kill him.

He noticed that everything removable from his body, besides mask, armor, and hunting mesh, had been removed. He looked at his right arm, his wrist blades were still there, which was a good thing, because any conventional, human, or nonhuman means of removing his wrist blades would have ended in his death, he was the only one capable of removing them without death. He looked over to his left, his plasma caster was still on his shoulder, though he understood why, his armor would have had to have been removed to take that off, and, well, his armor hadn't.

He wasn't surprised though, without the plasma caster on, it just looked like a large armored snail shell on his shoulder, no one would expect it to be a weapon if they didn't know it was one. He moved his right forearm over and opened his wrist computer panel on his left wrist, he read his suit signs, no power had been removed from his suit, which was a big mistake. Obviously these people didn't know much about Yautja technology. But then he heard something, looking over a bit he saw a person, though he seemed...emotionless, cold. Otak had seen androids before, but they were still rather new to him, but from what he could tell from his cold, emotionless expressions, that he was an android.

Then he noticed Ulim, who had been a bit hidden from his sight, at least he thought he saw Ulim, he wasn't sure, he felt, wierd. He struggled against his bonds, but to no avail, he was weak and drowsy, obviously from some sedatives used in his treatment. He found that his hands were bound as well, so even if he activated his wrist blades, or his plasma caster, he'd only be able to do so much. He struggled against the goo even more, getting angry.

"[You cowardise money whores! LET ME GO!!]" He barked out in his language.

At this he let out a long roar of rage, it echoed in the ship, he riggled, riled, and squirmed, but his captors just stood by. He let out a moan and stopped, he struggle only tiring him.

"[Where is that tratorous woman, that, 'leader', of your, huh? You know? I'd really like to tear her eyes out, shove them down her throut, and tear her arms off with my bare hands!]" He said towards Ulim, at least, he thought it was Ulim, he was seriously drugged. "[Erm, spots? Huh?] He said, seeing spots, and being in the stupor he was.

((Okay now?))

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)

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