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"Dangit, Hurry up!"
The Red squadron was supposed to have taken off three minutes ago. But a lucky bomber shot had grounded half the squadron. Three minutes was an eternity in space combat. "Are you done YET!" Rooitus yelled at his pilots. But heckk, Rooitus was always yelling. "Just about done, sir!" "Good!" Rooitus turned to his right wingman. Which, of course, was me. "You ready, kid?" "You bet I'm ready. And please, stop calling me kid." "Got it, kid." "Sir," Jaxon yelled from across the hanger, "we should be able to make an emergency takeoff now." "Stand by. Alright, in your fighters. At this rate, we might even blow something up today." Rooitus finished and turned on his engines. I flipped on my speaker. "Red 2, standing by." The other replys came. "Enter combat space at zero-zero-three, Delta formation." We finally were out of the hanger.
"Jason, I'm sendin Laary and Cruly after you. Get into that star destroyer at the right and help blue sqadruon detonate it." "Copy that, Red leader." I broke off from the fighter formation, flanked by two x-fighters. "This is where the fun begins, my freind."
We were being met by a group of TIE fighters. I switched on my missiles and tailed one of the TIEs. Brrlrlrlra! There went one. My missiles locked, and I flew out two of em. "We got the rest of em for you." My wingman said. "We're gonna- holy cra-" then static. "What the-" What happened to Laary and Cruly? Dang, guess I'd have to go it alone till I hooked up with the Blue Squad Demo team. Bzk. Bzk. A couple of turrets were on me. I flashed my Burst Sheild and made for the hanger as fast as I can. Which, unfortunatyely, is a little too fast. I won't go through the details, but I was lucky I didn't combust. I was a little shook but I was in.

"The beauty and genius of a work of film may be reconceived, though its first material expression be destroyed; a vanished fiction may yet again inspire the screenplay-writer; but when the last individual of a race of living directors, of artists, breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again." -William Beebe, modified in memorial of the twentieth century

Su'cuy, vod, kar'laylirdarasuum me'suum!

Star Wars: The Plastic Director's Cut!

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