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Ok I've pretty much worked out the story and what was stolen and how it'll be turned into a doomsday weapon... I'm also going to create a new group that is doing all this as i don't think any of the exsisting ones would be the master mind but the black hand and Tansari are involved aswell as other pirate groups. I'll go into more detail once we've finished phase 5.

Now we're on Phase five if there are any questions that haven't been answered yet now is the time to ask them. I am also working on a database for this so all the info is organised with help from Atomic_Jedi.

Vote Time!!!
Ok I've personally selected the most popular Name choices and put them up... Everyone gets a single vote and you can't vote for your own option(i only selected ones that weren't specific to the Story but to the universe)... In the event of a tie we'll either Re-vote or see if we can do a merge.

1)Seperated Worlds (sm2k)
2)Starfields: The Second Age (Sm2k)
3)Stars (WJ)
4)Empires in the Stars (WJ)
5)Star Frontier/StarFront (JL)
6)Terra Novum (JL)
7)Seperated Galaxies (JA)
8)A Divided World(JA)

And my Vote goes to......
5)Star Frontier/StarFront(JL)
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