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I had to look up retconned, but I still don't know what happened to Dinky Island.

"Since 1998, Retconned's dry synthetic sneer and total disinterest in the artless mimicry of so-called punks has been misunderstood as a gimmick and saddled with inappropriate labels like "performance art" and "experimental." There is nothing artful about the momentary absolutism of a Retconned performance and nothing experimental about turning up the distortion. Retconned writes songs about people trying to get by.

Retconned has released several pieces of plastic that have numbers on them (like floppy discs, but round). These numbers can be converted into music with the help of a few garden variety electronic devices. You, the potential listener, are invited to skip a step, ignoring the distribution of pieces of plastic (as well as the distribution of pieces of green paper) and borrow a song until the song stops borrowing you.

Retconned performed live in places like Brooklyn, Bristol, Swarthmore, Knoxville, Winterthur, Pensacola, Neubrandenberg, Orlando, Nottingham, Ft. Lauderdale, Limerick, Johnson City, Hachtel, Richmond, Lehigh Valley, Leeds, Hollywood (FL), Halle, Kraval, Athens (GA), Schwyz, Laussane, Dunquerqe, Gallway, Lancaster, Zelezniki, and Atlanta. Results were mixed."
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