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((at this point, only Nic would recognize Invai personally. all of the crew, except for Ryshana of course, would know about him since they were all involved in the incident mentioned earlier, but none of them were incarcerated alongside of him as Nic was.

i think the best way to proceed here would be for Jana to walk into the cockpit either right when Nic is turning down the offer or just after. sorry if this wasn't laid out earlier.))
Originally Posted by JasraLantill
Beryl gave Ryshana a skeptical look at her offer to help. "Are you sure you want to help me?” Beryl asked. “Looking for conduit worms has got to be the nastiest job on the ship. Unless you gas them out with Cyanoxis D-587, which is not only expensive but means a total evacuation of the ship for 24 hours, and Nic would never go for that. They're stringy, and fiddly, and creepy with those buggy little eyes peeking out from every which way. And, you have to crawl under the floor panels just to find the little bas….” Beryl suddenly paused, raising her brow. “Ah,” she said insightfully. “You’ve got a trick to find them, don’t you? A Force trick, perhaps?”
"I might have a couple of tricks for you to learn. Just find me whenever you're ready to get started," Ryshana said with a smile as she went on board the Echo towards her quarters.

Plugging the datapad into a terminal, Ryshana uploaded the messages into her computer. Asking for the code words to unlock the heavy encryption, Ryshana put in the words loyalty, obedience, love, and undying into the sequence. After a minute or so of processing, the computer brought up a message that indicated that the decryption was complete.

Looking at the messages, Ryshana now had quite a bit of hard, albeit dated, info on the locations of a number of Jedi that had been believed to survive the Purges. It was this data that Ryshana had been so interested in back on Corellia, and now she had it. As Ryshana went through the data, she had to swallow her feelings on a number of occasions considering how depressing the data would be to normal people.

There were few if any survivors. Most of the info detailed that the vast majority of Jedi were confirmed dead or were unaccounted for. Scrolling down towards "Yajisif Quiinzara", Ryshana was surprised to see that the Corellians had confirmed the information gathered in the Imperial Database on Jeez.

The biggest difference was that the Corellian information was much more detailed. Apparently, Jeez was one of about 10 Jedi that had been captured and were being held for some sort of experiment at the Prison. No other details were there, but it was enough for Ryshana to feel a bit concerned. Experimentation? What's that supposed to mean? she thought to herself.

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