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Post [WIP]K1 Auto DS Transitioning

I have been working on this mod for a little while and I thought I should probley share it with you guys because of the fact that I am pretty close to finnishing it. This the big mod that I have been working on that will allow all of your characters in Kotor 1 to do a DarkSide transition along with your character. At first this mod was actually going to be just something to fool around with and test but when I got it to work I said what the heck and went ahead and started doing it. This mod is going to have lots of features other then the code in it. I am currently working on full DS reskins for all of the K1 characters so they do have something to transition to. Here are some teaser shots...

As you can all see they are all not finnished yet but they soon will be. The characters that won't be in this version of the mod as of yet is going to be T3-M4, HK-47, and Zaalbar because usually those characters would not have DS transitions ayway. I also just want to state that I am looking for suggestions from anybody who is willing to give me them so if you have good idea please submit it and I will think it over. Hopefully you guys all like what you see and hopefully I will be able to get this mod out soon but until then enjoy everybody!

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