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ok enough on the if they have or havent all we are doing is upsetting people

lets move on to if it can or will be done,

now on to the needs more detail i'll try it (forgive me if me changeing your request seems rude, but i thought it should be done)

[] are ideas i thing are good

can a person please make a mod where i can play as Sephiroth

pictures of him where posted at the beggining of this thread

i would like hime to also have a long (longer than malaks and revans if possible) saber in red [which increases his power by alot but not to much as that would ruin the game]

(from wha i gather in the above posts) i would like his robe as a seperate robe (aka not normal clothing)

[ i think that his robes should be placed in that first container in the players room on the ship and his saber with it]
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