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While the cargo was being loaded, Raze was transmitting her banking details to Phee. It would take a few minutes, and so she decided that she’d update her journal. She hit a few buttons on her console.

“Current date: 35.09.15, 1748 hours,” said an automated voice. A lens on the console began to glow. “Recording….”

“We’ve landed on Nar Shaddaa. Same old sweltering cesspit that it ever was. We needed a job, so I looked up an old contact of mine. Barrus Phee. After a little delicate negotiation, Barrus came through with one of his ‘exclusives.’ Sounded like a fairly easy and fairly lucrative offer, albeit it a Core job. Trouble is, I made the mistake of bringing along Rita.” She paused. “Needless to say, she opened that big Corellian mouth of hers again. So… now we got a ‘special’ package to deliver as well. Payoff’s good though. Fifty-eight thousand credits.” She paused again, and grinned slightly. “Fifty. Eight. Thousand. Just had to repeat that because it sounds so sweet. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a job that lucrative. Hopefully, Ulim was able to get information on the Empire’s activity ‘hot spots’ from his contacts, and we’ll be able to avoid any Imperial patrols on the way to the Core.

“In other news, on our way back from Phee’s, we encountered an unidentified alien species banging on our ship. And just when we were about to ask him what he was doing, he sort of attacked us.” She paused. “No, strike that. He didn’t ‘sort of' attack us. He charged us, and then ended up attacking some stupid mercenary that was sneaking up behind him wearing a stealth generator, and killing him by ripping his head off. Literally.” She shivered. “Totally disgusting.

“I’ve no idea what species he is, but he’s huge, and muscular, and with all that aggression, I have to assume that he’s a male. When he got nose to nose…” She paused again. “Well, nose to olfactory organ, I attempted to calm him with some pheromones. Initially it seemed to work, then it backfired. But just when I thought for sure he was going to rip my head off, Travis popped out from the ship and stunned him. Should probably give him a bonus for saving my neck, but then again, he’s cocky enough already and that might make him worse.

“The alien was wounded by the idiot merc, so after Travis stunned him, I had Ulim take him to the medical bay for Bif to tend to him. Travis made up some sort of elasticised ‘goo’ and so we used that to restrain the alien until he’s recovered.”

A loud roar echoed through the ship. Raze cocked an eyebrow.

“Think he’s recovered. I’ll go and check on him, see what he wants and why he attacked us. Hopefully, Bif has observed enough to be able to translate for me as the alien doesn’t seem to speak Basic. End log.”

“Recording stopped,” said the automated voice, and the lens light faded. “Entry saved.”

Her console bleeped. She looked at the screen, then grinned.

“Seventeen thousand four hundred credits,” she said satisfactorily. She let out a sigh of relief. “Time to get this ship loaded and on our way.”

She headed to the med bay. The alien was, thankfully, still restrained by Travis’ ‘goo’, but also still agitated, despite Ulim and Bif’s attempts. Still, Raze kept her distance from him.

“So,” Raze asked Bif and Ulim. “How is our ‘guest’ faring? Any progress on finding out why he’s so agitated and why he seems to want to kill us?”

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