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Raze nodded. "Ah ha," she said, deadpan. "Well, it seems to be working keeping our 'friend' here from harming himself, or others. Maybe you should look into patenting it when we get to Core."

She glanced over at the alien. She felt sort of sorry for him, stuck in a strange place and immobilised with Travis' elastoplastacrete. No doubt had their situations been reversed, she would be agitated as well.

Raze looked at Ulim, and then Bif. "Bif, could you determine what sort of projectile it was that wounded him? And do either of you know what species he is and how to communicate with him?" She let out a tired sigh. "'Cause I'm damned if I know what to do with him. I mean, if we let him loose in his present state of agitation, he's liable to do some pretty heavy damage--to us and the ship. We need calm him down and then find out why he was banging on the ship and what he wanted. Then we can consider letting him loose."

She frowned a bit, then looked askance at Travis. "We can get him loose from that stuff at some point, right?"

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