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sorry !!

sorry about the mess i did !!! i think its cuz my inglish is not good !!
( im from brazil and i speek portuguese ... )

tnx m16065 !!!! and tnx goldenflames !!!!

and goldenflames , like i said before : sorry by my bad english !!! and
the ideia that you have about reformulate the thread its quite right !!!
thats was my ideia !!

and if more info is needed i'll post everything i know about sephiroth !!!
or about the mod !!!

and i will be very thankfull if can be done !!!

and tnx guys for understand !!!

No need to be sorry Darth Seraph, you are not at fault here. This is what happens when a poster like thegreatjoshini forgets to "insert foot in mouth, before putting his mouth in motion" -RH

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