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NR Saga

Info: This is a RP set in new Republic, about seven years after the destruction of the Empire. The NR Republic is just settling in when new forces arise to try and once again shake the power of a free government. The Rebel Troopers are mostly human soldiers (not droids or clones or whatnot) in high tech combat armour, without a helmet. Just to give you and image. Luke and Leah skywalker have revived the Jedi records from the Old Republic and began ressurecting the Jedi art. The capitol of the NR is Mygeeto, which is now rebuilt and is a thriving, sprawling metropolis.

Character stats to enter
Presuming you are playing a part of the NR millitary forces, assignment: (ex. 3rd movement, 16th force, 100th division.)
Vehicles: (if any)
Attributes/weaknesses: (optional)
Bio: (optional)

Do not play Jedi. I might start a second thread after this one is done for Jedi playing.

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