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I doubt Jolee ran into Revan at all. If he sensed a lightsider nearby, he'd be pretty stupid to let our favorite hermit live, what with searching for a Star Map and all...

I also doubt Jolee would be able to survive a direct confrontation with Revan and Malak. He also doesn't seem like the kind of person who'd let them get away so easily, when it would be a fairly simple matter to get them killed. Organizing a force of Wookiee hunters familiar with the Shadowlands (which Revan and Malak were not), would be able to kill them both.

Since neither of them tried to get each other killed (which would have been in their interests), the only explanation is that they never even met.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
So it seems pretty clear to me that Revan used to wear the mask even before he was cast out of the jedi order and fell to the dark side.
I agree. There's one theory which I've stolen as my own, that says it was a taboo on Revan's hoomeworld to expose any faces. It would explain why random NPCs throughout the game aren't screaming "OMFG!!! U R REVAN!!!11!!1one!"

How Jolee could have recognized Revan after the reasons I listed, I have no clue at all. Perhaps Bastila told him? In the event that she'd be captured or killed, there'd have to be someone who would know the truth. And Jolee does seem like the best party member for that to have been confided too.

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