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Originally Posted by The Sith'ari
If Jolee indeed saw Revan and Malak access the Star Map, the "Match Found" thing would spill some beans. But if he didn't, "Match Found" would tell nothing about Revan because it could be anyone who had accessed the Map, especially when Jolee didn't even know what the Star Map leads to and how the Star Forge is related to Revan. Anyone could have accessed the map you say? Like who? Freyyyr (spelling?) tried and failed. Jolee tried and failed. Now, who does that leave? Revan and Malak.

Did you know that the computer tells you the name of every person that has tried to/has accessed the Star Map on Kashyyyk? Revan, Malak, Jolee and Freyyyr were the only ones.

So, after 50 odd failed attempts from Jolee and about seven or eight (can't remember) failed attempts from Freyyyr, isn't is reasonable to assume that Jolee would have reacted "what the--" since the computer gives you access after one attempt?

Like I've said, I'm sure Jolee would have figured it out by then, as the only other ones apart from him and Freyyyr who tried to access the Star Map was Revan and Malak. Why else do you think Jolee says "Match found, what the--". Think about it.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I agree. There's one theory which I've stolen as my own, that says it was a taboo on Revan's hoomeworld to expose any faces. It would explain why random NPCs throughout the game aren't screaming "OMFG!!! U R REVAN!!!11!!1one!"
I really like this theory. It does make sense. Also, if Revan's memories have indeed fully returned, he/she would remember this, right? I really think the devs of K3 should use this idea, since that way, Revan would be easy to bring back, since regardless of alignment, Revan would be wearing the mask, so you wouldn't have to worry about his/her appearance, which would make things a hell of a lot easier for the devs.

Just have two different voice actors (for male and female Revan) some different dialogue depending on Revan's alignment, one blue lightsaber and one red lightsaber (to represent his/her past, blue for Jedi/LS and red for Sith/DS) and his/her costume and tada! Revan can be in K3.

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