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Originally Posted by The Architect
Like I've said, I'm sure Jolee would have figured it out by then, as the only other ones apart from him and Freyyyr who tried to access the Star Map was Revan and Malak. Why else do you think Jolee says "Match found, what the--". Think about it.
Now that you reminded me what the computer said, it'd be easy to figure out. But well, just a question: was the "Match Found" thing said at the very beginning? Coz "Match Found" could mean more than "Identity Match Found". Correct me if I'm wrong, but Jolee said the computer wouldnt respond to him no matter what, is that so? That means computer has a way to screen the person attempting to access. "Match Found" could also mean "Match of ability/brainwaves pattern/anything that made Revan and Malak qualified to interact with the computer". So, even when Revan attempted in his second run and the computer said "Match Found", they dont necessarily mean he had accessed before.

That is to say, when another potent user came along, the computer could just go, "Match Found". So the whole thing may not really suggest to Jolee that he is Revan.
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