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Zelda was getin some serious pwnage points as she ran out to the battle. She made her way past hundreds of the things and, despite her arm soaking in blood, made it to her worst enemy.



Catie(Dark) : C'mon Abby, let's go play in the snow.
Abby(Zelda) : Okay, but let's get our dolls first.
Catie: Okay, they're in my ro-
Before Catie could finish, she tripped over her mom's flowerbed, cutting her leg. She cried and cried about it that day, while Abby comforted her.
Catie: Thank you Abby. You're the best friend in the world.


Zelda's head spun, her seeing Dark the way she was when she was nine. Her worst enemy- no, her FRIEND, in pain, dying. Zelda fell to the ground, clutching her throbbing head. Zelda was so comfused when-

Somthing sharp and cold hit her in the back. Painfully, she felt her back, while warm, slimy blood oozed onto her hand. The look of fear and panic crossed her face as she fell forward, holding her fans to her chest.

Dark, lying on the ground almost dead, smirked.
Dark: I guess my work is almost done.

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