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"Yautja," the alien said.

Raze was taken aback by the alien's attempt to communicate with her.

"Yautja," she repeated slowly. "Is that your name? Yautja?"

She was about to approach him with the intention of trying to make him understand that she wasn't going to hurt him, when he began to struggle so hard against his elastoplastacrete bonds that he actually raised himself off the table.

"Guess not." Frowning, Raze took a step back. "I don't have time for this," she muttered.

She sighed, then looked at Ulim. "You told me he was a 'recently made friend' of yours. Try to calm him down, find out what he wants, and why he's intent on doing us damage. Because once our cargo is loaded, we have to go. And I've got no room for a... Yautja with murderous and violent intentions."

She turned to go, but at the threshhold, she stopped and looked at Bif. "Bif, perhaps you could find some other way to communicate with him? You've got language skills, don't you? Part of your 'bedside manner' protocols, isn't it?" Make up some sort of translator or something." She looked askance at Travis. "Get Travis to help you if you need it. I'll be in the cargo bay if you need me."

She started towards the cargo bay with the intention of seeing how the cargo loading was going with John, Zam, and Rita, and curious to see what this 'mysterious' package was that was worth fifty thousand credits to transport.

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