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NPC's and especially Bastila on Kotor II

Hi, i looked around this forum for about 2 h now and i mainly understand "nothing" to all your scripting, moding, .d2 thing and all that you say.

I finally decided to just ask cuz i have a strange problem with the SaveGame Editor 333.

When trying to load NPC's from the 1st game, i arrive in my savegame area after reloading and everything is black. And in the game menus area, there is no-one in the "lightside/darkside" window.

I installed Kotor2 before installing Kotor1, is it possible the editor doesn't find Bastila, Carth etc... ?

Before this was working but i already had Kotor1 installed before installing kotor2.

But, last time i tried it, all Kotor1 NPC's worked fine for the "appearence" editor, except Bastila(all three of them). When i tried to pic her appearance, the game turns black like stated above or simply crashes.

First off, i'd like to know if you can help me for the first ishue wich doesn't let me choose NPC's from kotor 1 in kotor 2. Then, i'd like to know if i can choose Bastila in this 333 version(i had 326 before) without having trouble making her work. This really bugged me as all other NPC's of Kotor1 worked properly, except Bastila Chan :/

I'm sorry if someone posted this somewhere and i missed it.

Thank you very much.
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