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"I wonder how they get the jelly in these things?" Said Fred, biting into his jelly donut.

"They stick it into some kind of tube that inserts jelly into donuts." Said Ave, sipping her cold frappachino ripoff drink, vanilla in flavor. "I saw it on the food network."

"AH YES!! THE FOOD NETWORK!" Exclaimed Gloria. "I used ot watch that. I love Barefoot Contessa."

"Yeah, but Giada is the true pimp. She can smile with ALL her teeth." Returned Edgar, cause he had to say at least one thing.

"Totally." Ave aggreed. "But my fave chef is Marcel Vigneron."

"That's just cause you think he's hot!" Replied the girl who was at the counter, who was evesdropping.

"NO! I mean.....watermelon steak sounds good....and...cranberry gelee that taste too much like cranberries...and...Yeah, he's pretty hot. They need ot show him shirtless more."
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