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Sorry for not responding earlier, people, but it's been kinda hectic recently. In reverse order:

@kash: Definitely not! This mod is going ahead if I have to drag it along by my fingernails through the Sahara

@ZT: Your too kind . Have a cookie for the compliments and a session for being a suck-up

@ignarn: It's a very fiddly thing to get right, and no small amount of work in itself, y'know.

@Mac: Whoa, I count as a veteran now?! O_o . When did that happen?

Regarding updates, I've actually got quite a few to report, 'though not all of them are ultra-new. First of all, I've rejigged the lightmaps in the Tomb a little:

Second, I have created a couple of new statues to flank Ulic's sarcophagus:

Third, I have (finally) completed Ulic's LS sabre, shown above. Below, the DS one, with unique blade colouring:

I've also done a couple of optional reskins of the tomb which people can choose to use upon release, one in the style of the Dantooine sublevel, one in the style of the Trayus Academy. Pictures are in that order:
And the Trayus skin:

And the newest additions, starting with the new trade outpost interior module:

And some new shots from the tomb:

As well as a new addition:

I am also working on a project I hope to have done by Christmas, which for the moment I am keeping under wraps. Suffice it to say it is a content mod, designed to add a little more playability to Korriban

I also have some ideas which I am thinking of adding into my eventual update of my K1 recruitment mod which I have begun work on.
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