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((OOC: Ok, to get things rolling here again, I'm taking over Jana for this post, since WJ has decided to quit the thread. Hope I do Jana's character justice....))


"I might have a couple of tricks for you to learn. Just find me whenever you're ready to get started," Ryshana said with a smile as she went on board the Echo towards her quarters.

“Excellent!” Beryl replied. “I’ll do that.”

After tucking her bike safely away in the corner of the cargo bay, Beryl went up to the common room. Jana was slouched comfortably in one of the chairs, watching the ending credits for a holoprogram.

Win or Die?” asked Beryl as she sat in a chair opposite Jana.

“Yup. Just finished.”

Beryl nodded at the holoprojector. “So, what’s on after this then?”

“New program,” Jana said. She looked over at Beryl. “Galactic Bandits.”

“Oh, yeah. I heard about that,” said Beryl. “They profile ‘criminals’ of the Empire, dramatise their crimes, and then ask for citizens to call the ESB with any information. More propaganda, no doubt.”

“I dunno.” Jana yawned. “Looked pretty good. During the last break, they showed a highlight of tonight’s show--a suspect endangering the public by speeding recklessly through Coruscant on a red swoop bike.”

Beryl’s grin suddenly faded. “What?! But that’s impossi….” Then she noticed that Jana was trying not to smile. She was baiting Beryl.

“You…!” Beryl tossed a seat cushion in Jana’s direction. “That wasn’t funny!”

“Ah ha! So you were racing!” Jana accused.

“Yeah, well….” Beryl shrugged. “But only against Cloud. And I lost, by the way.”

“Lost? Again?” Jana shook her head. “Just ain’t your day, is it? So, how much you lose this time?”

“Didn’t bet creds,” Beryl said. “We wagered on conduit worm duty.”

Jana grimaced. “Eew. It’s really not your day.”

“So, Nic get us a job while we were out?” Beryl asked, changing the subject.

“Maybe,” Jana said. “Just overheard him and Jack talking to someone on the com in the cockpit. And Cloud just went in there just before you came in. Suppose we could have a job by now.”

“Could have? Suppose?” Beryl gave her friend a strange look. “Wait a sec…. Lemme get this straight. You suspect Nic is negotiating for a job, and you’re not up there with him supervising the offer?”

Jana motioned with her hand at the holoprojector. “Win or Die was on,” she stated plainly.

“Well, some first officer you are." Beryl rolled her eyes, then rose from her chair. "Well, I’m going to go and check out what's going on in the cockpi...." Beryl frowned slightly. Something wasn't right. “Erm… you and Nic have an argument?”

“Nope.” Jana folded her arms over her chest. “Just a difference of opinion on the meaning and existence of honour.”

“Ah,” Beryl nodded. “He didn’t understand about the Bloodstripe incident at the Cantina, did he.”


“Well, he’s Nabooan. They’re all… well… you know….” Beryl frowned, searching for the right adjective. “Nabooan.”

Jana gave Beryl ‘the look’. "Fine. I’ll go with you and see what’s going on in the cockpit,” she said reluctantly.

They arrived in the cockpit to hear, Jack saying to Cloud, “…sounds dodgy, much like all our other jobs we've had in the past few months."

Then a sort of familiar voice on the com was heard saying, “Think about it for just a moment: 20,000 credits. You've got what, 5 or 6 people on your boat, that’s about 4 grand in your pocket if you split it even?"

“Twenty thousand?" Jana's eyes widened. "Dodgy or not," she said to Nic, but not loud enough to be overheard by the person on the com, "we haven't had a decent paying job like that in months, Nic. What’s the cargo? Parts? Bacta?"

“Swoops?” Beryl offered.

((OOC: Ok, Nic needs to refuse the job now and then I think we're back on track, if I correctly understand Stingerhs plot plans. But if I need to edit anything, just let me know.))

((I've edited this post since yesterday, to bring Jana into the cockpit with Nic, as per Stingerhs plot plans. So, it's your turn to post now, Starmark, and then I think we're back on track.))

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