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You might have done this in a really bad forum try Dantooine Theater Company or Jedi Series Role-playing forum. But you might have revived this forum a little bit maybe, hopefully..

Name: Darrick Dominia
Species: Human
Age: 24
Assignment: 3rd movement, 16th force, 100th division
Equipment: sniper rifle; dual Zabrak vibroblades
Vehicles: none
Attributes/weaknesses: sniper(skilled eyesight)
Bio: Darrick grew up on Dantooine an with his parents in a medium sized farm dwelling. He soon faced Imperial stormtroopers coming to his land ransacking it as they came to the planet, only at the age of 14. He grabbed his dad's rifle and upgraded it with a scope and blasted the stormtroopers that stole from the farm's fields. The Republic military that came to defend the planet experienced his shootouts with the imperial troopers. that even though outnumbered 10:1 he'd still win. Dak(for short) joined the military and traveled many planets, gaining prestige and ranks along with what he did there. He soon found him on the planet Mygeeto with the 100th division.
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