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I actually have an alternate suggestion for Pistol and Blaster. I'll copy it from my task ticket. It met with some approval on Meatgrinder:

Blaster Rifle -

Primary: A highly accurate three-round burst.

Secondary: An INaccurate full automatic mode, ridiculously fast.

Pistol -

Primary: Standard fire, turn it red and speed it up some, no?

Secondary: 'Stunning' effect. Chrage up a bolt (maybe blue), and, if you strike with it, it does significant DP damage and enhanced shield damage, but it cannot do health damage.


I also had two FP ideas, replicated here:

Seeing: Lv. 1 Seeing counters Lv. 1 Mind Trick, Lv. 2 countetrs up to Lv. 2, and so on. Furthermore, Seeing after Lv. 2 gives passive bonuses to DP usage, and can be considered a sort of minor precognition. At Lv. 2, attacks cost 5% less DP to dodge. At Lv. 3, they cost 10% less DP to dodge. I recommend that they cost 4, 6, and 8 skill points respectively.

Mind Trick: You are invisible as normal. However, landing a successful strike while invisible (obviously you only get one chance), causes that attack to drain more DP than normal. For Lv. 1, it's 25% more DP (x 1.25). For Lv. 2, 50% more DP (x 1.50). And for Lv. 3, it's a powerful 100% more DP (x 2.0). Make it cost a good amount of skill points, like 6, 8, and 8.

Sabers get a further DP boost if they successfully surprise attack. All boosts are tripled. Hence, at Lv. 1 a successful strike costs 75% (x 1.75) more DP to evade, at Lv. 2 it is 150% (x 2.5), and at lv. 3 it is 300% (x 4.0) more.

Kurgan's Meatgrinder (JA Server:

Player tested, Valtiel approved.

Valtiel approved downloads for Meatgrinder:
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