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What we need is to get the ignorants who don't even believe in global warming out from under their rocks.

Fair enough to be a sceptic if it means looking up evidence, opening yourself to both sides, and truly being open-minded. In other words, it's great to ask questions, find the answers, and educate yourself in the process. But to manage the work of intellectual art it is to not even believe in global warming - that is simply scandalous beyond excuse.

What I mean to say is, if I wonder about how it comes that ibn Ladin wrote with his right hand in the allegedly false confession tape following 9/11, there's a difference between actually finding the answer (he did so because writing with your left hand is forbidden in his somehow backwards culture) and simply taking it for evidence Bush was behind 9/11.

The world is spending so much money on ignorance that could've been better spent elsewhere. We're defending evolution from the Creationists; we had to fight long court battles before we were able to "kill" Terri Schiavo because all these deluded activists thought she was fully alive and able to feel pain; and now we're suffering because right-wingers simply refuse to open their minds to global warming. If you don't even believe global warming exists, or believe it's part of the natural cycle of heat periods and ice ages, then you're exceptionally skilled at hiding from exceptionally easy-to-acquire facts (Google being what it is).
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More on-topic, I managed to procure this chart, which is the one I discussed earlier. It goes 650 000 years back in time and shows temperature and Co2-levels have correlated for just that long.

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