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"I sent whatever co-ordinates Phee gave me to the nav computer," Raze said to Zam. "But...." She paused a beat. "You're not going to like them. When Phee said 'Core,' he meant Core. The invisec on Corusc... I mean, Imperial Center."

She knew that Zam, didn't like to see how non-humans, especially Zabraks, were treated with contempt and confined to the ghettos on Coruscant. Neither did she, although with her looking more human than Falleen, she had it easier than Zam or Ulim.

"But, look on the bright side," she said quickly. "you and Ulim will blend in easier with the locals." She frowned slightly. "Which reminds me... what am I going to do with our 'guest' in the med bay? I certainly don't want him rampaging about the ship, but neither do I want to be the one held responsible by the Hutts for letting him rampage around the docks. Anyone have any suggestions?"

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