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Name: Kioshi Poachers
Type: Pirate/Poachers
Location: Independent Territories
Description: A pirating and poaching group so confident, it goes down onto the colony planets without care or heed, often taking wildlife illegally off world. They've even infiltrated Apex's Iron Curtain, going to the colony world's surface and taking Apex's native Nopakrun.

Though most would think this kind of pirating doesn't bring much profit in, that is actually a false conception, this business bringing in huge profits; and with the lack of competition in this business, they are top at their game, and have enough money to build an empire sized armada.

They poach wildlife, on all planets that harbor wildlife, and in all empires. They have preforations towards Olympia, Apex, and Pharaz-Gil when it comes to which empire's wildlife they prefer to poach; though they capture most subjects alive, being worth more money that way, so it's really not poaching, though it's still considered it.

They have found Pharaz-Gil gets them the most profitable wildlife, the Myradin being rather intelligent, and terraforming. While Golems are deadly, rare, and just plain profitable in their own rights. Though Olympia provides the most expensive to attain, the Leviathan, often hard to attain due to the Poachers having difficulty in water poaching, and they often can't attain them alive, them being aggressive when attacked (I'm assuming) often resorting to just a dead specimen, though a live one is worth it's weight in money times ten.

Due to the difficulty of water poaching, they resort to the easier, most profitable empire to hunt on, Pharaz-Gil, because of this, Pharaz-Gil has asked for help from the other empires, including Apex and Haven, with containing this disturbance in their region. They hope that with the other empire's help that the poaching can be slowed, and eventually cut off. Then Pharaz would aid the other empires in doing the same.

The Kioshi Poachers are based on a moon near a gas giant, deep within Independent Territory, but they have outposts everywhere, their largest near Pharaz-Gil, right outside the Empire's boundaries.

Name: Galactic Enforcers
Type: Independent Intergalactic Law Upholdment Group
Location: Independent Territories Main complex at center region
Description: A group very similar to pirate hunters, they patrol Independent Territories, and Empire Territories, if given permission by the empire's government. Though they're more professional than pirate hunters, and do other things, like crime investigating, checking on the assumed illegal actions of corporations, ect.

They were formed long ago by a rich family; it is unknown which empire the family came from though. They went into the Independent Territories and with their wealth created a hydroponics space station, though it started off small at first; it soon grew to massive size. The station became the hub for which people who wished to stop crime in the Independent Territories could come and train, in basis, it became a huge academy.

The main station is in the center, or close to it, of the Independent Territories. There are literally dozens of smaller stations, and outposts controled by the GE.

Due to the wealth of the family who operates the GE, they have a massive fleet, as big as a medium sized empire. This is also due to the small economy their stations bring in. They are also the bigest domestic security in known space. Because of the size of the space they patrol, a fleet of their size is often stretched out, though they can still gather in number, and retaliate well.

Because of there size, and reliance, along with the fact that they are not subject to an empire, they are rather well relied on to keep the space lanes safe, along with pretty much the whole of the Independent Territories.

They are very sympathetic to the Uprising on Apex, and will send excess donations to Pharaz-Gil, who also has sympathies for the uprising, though it's a well kept secret, Pharaz not wanting the supply lines to Apex cut off. Pharaz often takes these donations and smuggles it in to Apex as best it can, getting as much of the donation to the uprising as possible.

The GE is not one to be picky when it comes to choosing sides in a inter-empire conflict, though they have dislikes for the Apex government, and prefer Pharaz or Olympia over the other empires, even though they still try not to choose favorites.

Name: Ancients of Jendai
Type: Religion/Small Political Empire or Faction
Location: Lush forested planet in Independent Territory, close to Pharaz-Gil's border.
Description: Before the third world war on Earth, an international ship, with new technology was developed for the first attempt at colonizing Mars. People from many nations were chosen, 50 in all, to go to Mars, and test this new technology, and colonize it.

After launch, the first technology was put into testing, sleeper technology (or cryogenic stasis, which ever one was used on the colony ships.). The astronauts were put into this state so that they wouldn't age, so they could be full ready when they got to Mars.

They also had the first of hydroponics technology, which they would use to make Mars livable.

But something happened that caused the failure of the astronauts awakening. The ship, pilotless, went past Mars, and kept going, with transmissions being sent to earth every few moments, from this data, though earth was able to develop the better sleeper technology that was used in the colony ships.

Eventually, after many years, the craft exited the solar system, and transmissions were lost soon after. Earth was going to try for a second attempt at colonizing Mars, but the third world war happened, and all plans for it were transformed into the colony ships after the war.

But as for the ship itself, it drifted onward into space, for many years, and even as the colony ships took off from earth, the shuttle was entering the 'New Terran Galaxy' (filler name). It soon found its way towards the planet that would be inhabited by those aboard.

Without a pilot, it crash landed on the planet, but surprisingly no one was killed. Due to the crash 40 of the 50 people were freed from their slumber, the sleeper system failing within those people's sections. Though the other ten were still sleeping, and the others soon remembering their purpose and mission, didn't know how to awaken them without them being killed, so they saddly left them.

They soon found they were not on Mars, no, infact they were in a place very alien to them, a lush forested planet, with trees they hadn't seen before. After time they learned how to survive, and out of instinct, procreated. They grew slowly, and taught their children with all the knowledge they could, so that they would not turn out generations from then, as barbarions.

They stayed in the general visinity of the fallen ship, using the tools given to them to make a small village. Which grew, slowly, but surely as they found more and more resources with which to use. They soon found the hydroponics technology given to them to colonize Mars, they planted many of the unplanted trees of earth, not knowing what the concequences of their actions would be.

After many years, a new seed was formed from the cross breed of that planet's trees, that are found no where else in the galaxy, and earth's trees. This created a tree that had the ability to...think, like a computer more than anything, but it could think.

The decedents of those people who landed, had moved away from the ship, and all taught knowledge was twisted, and the stories of earth, and other things were thought to be legend. These people worshiped the trees, and learned all they could of them.

They soon took the 'First Seed', and kept it as the symbol of there people. The 'Second Seed' was the seed that became the tree which they so loved. The people soon evolved, as is strangely common in this galaxy, gaining two extra senses, and energy wielding capabilities, along with very long lives. With their new state of evolution, they were capable of understanding these semi-sentient trees.

They soon used the intimate knowledge these trees held to grow, and expand, making colonies, from trees, being able to grow them into shapes to make houses, palaces, bath houses, and much more.

They soon found the ship that crash landed, and a small grove of earth trees surrounding it. With their ever growing intelligence and technology they were soon able to awaken the sleeping people aboard. These people soon learned of these people, and those people learned of them, the people of the planet, the decendents, learned that the legends were true, and asked much of the astronauts.

The astronauts were eventually appointed rulers, and the first monarchy of the planet started. The family line of these people were called the Jendai, named after the name of the ship, the S.S. Jen-Rai, which is just a simple meaningless Japanese name. (Not meaningless as in stupid, or pointless, but the name itself has no specific meaning).

The grove and the ship sight were made into a shrine, and the planet was named after their rulers house, Jendai. Soon the trees were called Ancients, and by the other Empire's terms the people themselves are ancients, thus the naming of the religion, if it could be called that.

The 'Second Tree' soon grew larger than any other tree in the galaxy. The 'First Seed' was planted in a grove at the very bottom, inside of the 'Second Tree', which is the Jendai royal famalies palace. The 'First Seed' grew into the 'First Tree', the mother of the first generation trees, along with the 'Second Tree' as the father tree, though his age and growth into the planet's soil has made him rather dormant.

The 'First Tree' holds an untold secret, and most Jendains wish to keep it a secret. The people soon realised the power the first generation trees held, and with a newly discovered crystal they dubbed Rock Seeds, they soon built ships, with the trees planted inside, and inside the ships the trees would not become dormant, as they do if subjected to rooting into soil, and age.

Inside these ships, that look like they're made of wood, or rock, they (the trees) act as the processing units, or computers in laymans terms, for the ships, able to make massive self decisions. Each ship is hydroponicly endowed inside, being almost forested within. Often the wood-form-ships are grown from dormant Jendai Royal trees, or the trees that are only found on Jendai that are not Jendai Royal trees; these trees are called Rai-ans, earth trees are, as said considered Ancients along with the Jendai Royal trees, or are called Earthans.

All ships are powered by Rock Seeds, and the rock looking ships are formed from Rock Seeds, which they 'grow' them into. Rock ship interiors look more like rock gardens than hydroponics. With the advanced technology of the Jendai, and their capability to wield energy, they have developed a better form of laser technology, much more concentrated and devastating. All Jendai ships have energy weapons, and only a few special classes use other weapon types, though most ships can use missile type weapons, or bomb types.

The Jendai's ship weapons are compact, and hidden within the hull, often when attacking the guns seem to 'grow' from the ship itself, opening fire.

The Jendai are generally peacful, and have a small military, about the size of a small empire. Though their ships could far surpass even a large empire fleet. They're government is often a small political figurehead in the galaxy, not even considered an empire, and mostly ignored by the other empires, except Pharaz-Gil. But due to their secrecy, and quiet demeaner, along with advanced technology, they are often mistaken for a race bent on galactic conquest, only they're not.

The Jendai people are a nobalistic race, often proud, but humble, honest, and fair, but not afraid to enter into conflict if necessary; they're government, and their political heads, the Royal Family, are uncorrupt, and caring.

They have strong ties to Pharaz-Gil, due to the fact that Jendai was discovered by Pharaz-Gil before Pharaz-Gil discovered any other empire, and they found that they had the same ideals and honor system as eachother, making for a strong relationship. Pharaz is, at the moment, pushing for Jendai to be considered as a political head, at least a small one, that is not ignored, within the galaxy, so that they can have a higher seat in making galactic decisions, because Pharaz feels that they are often excluded from helping make decisions that may effect them (Jendai) drastically.

Name: Federation of Independent Colonies - FIC for short
Type: Independent Colonization Corporation
Location: Everywhere within Independent space - Main station on a fully colonized asteroid near Ashoka.
Description: Soon after the 'First Haven Treaty' a group of pioneers from all the empires set out to colonize an asteroid rich in vital minerals, they did so rather successfully. The resources were hardly ever sold or distributed, but rather used to create the complex that now envelops the asteroid, and fills the asteroid with halls and catacombs.

The group of people soon became the corporate heads of a large company, that creates colonies on worlds, and asteroids, and other inhabitable celestial bodies. They can't however just build in random areas, or else all of space would be filled with usless colonies. They have to get permission from the GE to get rights of jurisdiction to a solar system, then they have to pay taxation dues for each colony, or supply station they create, but each colony pays off with it's inhabitants soon moving in from all empires, and other corners of space paying there own taxes and dues for moving in.

They (the FIC) are taxed by the GE because the empires are having vital tax paying citizens move out of the empires, and declaring independence, then moving to these colonies.The GE see's that this is rather unfare, and would lead to economical problems in the empires, and they think it's only fare that the empires be compensated. So once dues are payed, the GE often gives the dues to the empires evenly, the GE taking a small percent for itself and it's efforts.

Most people who go to the colonies wish to live away from the hustle of the empire's laws, though the colonies have there own regulations, and though most would think that excessive violence occures with the lack of true laws, that is untrue, most people moving to the colonies wish to have peaceful lives, and they do.

The FIC also creates resupply stations, and resource stations, for ships to stop at and restock, this is where most of the violence occures though, often the GE has to have garrisons at these space stations.

Hope everything so far is up to standard and approved, starmark2k. Okay, I got the last one in.

Edit: - If anyone out there figures out where I got the ideas for these groups, keep quiet, and PM me if you wish to ask if you're right, I want it to remane unknown where I got the ideas for these.

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